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Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal
The problem is two-fold. How can Christian parents help their children overcome negative supernatural experiences while teaching them how to connect with God and His kingdom positively.

Two years ago I stumbled across information in the New Age/psychic world about a generation of kids they define as “Indigo” children.¹ This term describes a huge percentage of children in the Millennial Generation (born roughly between 1982 – 2001), identified by a certain group of psychics as highly spiritual and unusually sensitive to the spirit-world and paranormal experiences.


In my 17+ years in children's ministry, and my lifetime in Christianity, I had never heard anyone mention Indigos, or psychic kids of any type, even in passing, yet it has been a well-known phenomenon in the psychic world for many years. I am writing to express my frustration that Christians on the whole are not recognizing the spiritual capabilities of this group of children and are not trying to train them for the real supernatural world of the kingdom of God.

When I first learned about Indigos, I cried out to God asking how it could be that the world could recognize and identify these kids. I asked God who these kids were and why we as the Church were clueless. God very clearly told me, "This is the Joel 2:28 generation that I have planned from the beginning of time. This is the generation I have designed to operate in signs, wonders, and miracles, and it is the generation I have pre-programmed to hear my voice and to usher Jesus back to earth again! But because the Church is ill-equipped to recognize and train them, the world has stepped up to the plate and is educating them in their ways."

The New Age community is serious about training their kids in becoming better at their spiritual giftings. They write books for these kids, produce CDs and DVDs, make movies, and even create schools for these highly spiritual children, similar to our Christian K-12 schools.

Well, New Age folk have now gone on to the next level of training and mentoring, once again leaving Christians in the dust when it comes to raising our own to function in the spirit realm. A&E Television Network, the same entity that owns the rights to the movie Jesus Camp, launched a weekly program called Psychic Kids. I only saw two programs in full and just portions of others, so I cannot tell you what every show is like. But the ones I saw were all about kids who were identified as seeing and hearing spirits of “dead people” and in a couple of cases demons. Only one of the children seemed to enjoy this activity and the attention, while the others expressed great fear and did not like it at all.

In each show I saw, the children were taken to houses or properties that were know for apparitions of spirits. Their "spiritual mentors" took them on ventures to deliberately engage them in interaction with these spirits. The adults mentored them how to locate these spirits, arouse them, and communicate with them. Of course it all took place in the dark with flashlights. It was the stuff spook shows are made of, only it was real.

I thought it amazing that the shows didn’t teach these kids how to rid themselves of these encounters. Rather they taught the kids how to overcome their fear of these spirits and learn to live with them. The kids were told that they were gifted and that these experiences would never go away. The show was all about helping them get comfortable with the experiences and overcome the fear they felt so they could "help" these “dead people.” It was reminiscent of the movie Sixth Sense. Kids who experience the paranormal, by the way, are also very afraid to tell anyone, especially their friends, for fear they will be considered “nuts” or crazy.

The paranormal has become so normal in non-Christian groups that it’s not a wonder for a program of this sort to find its way to television. But shouldn’t we Christians be the ones leading the way in these things? Any supernatural experience that does not originate with the Most High God, and is not consistent with the Word of God, is a counterfeit of the real thing.

We as Christian parents and church leaders should be leading the way in mentoring our children in the things of God. Instead we continue to deny that our kids are capable of handling anything spiritual other than salvation. A few more of us might include baptism in the Holy Spirit, but then we stop. We as a church culture deny their supernatural abilities.

I have risked broaching this subject in some churches where I speak. I only found one person – a Canadian pastor – who had even heard about Indigo kids. But wherever I speak on this topic, after the service at least one young person tells me, "I was (or am) one of those kids." Many of them are now in their 20s and have managed to shut down that area of their lives because no one could help them develop it positively. Like their non-Christian counterparts, they have been afraid to tell anyone, especially other Christians, for fear they would immediately be accused of being “demon-possessed.” They knew they weren't, but they had no idea how to deal with it and didn't know who to turn to for help.

More recently we have begun receiving phone calls at our ministry office from parents asking for help for small children. They don’t know what to do. A Christian mother called. She was very concerned about her young child who saw angels and had a lot of positive supernatural experiences, but who was also severely harassed by the demonic. Our churches need to be able to help.

When a friend of mine watched one of the Psychic Kids episodes, she said: "The most disappointing thing about that show was that [they went to their church for help] and the church wasn't able to help them…. I believe the enemy can recognize when a person has a strong spiritual gift and tries to get to them first. The church is sooooo blind and can't recognize even those in the church that have strong [spiritual] gifts. I believe that is why a lot of kids leave church because they have gifts and the church they go to can't help them."

Selah. (Pause and think about it.)

What’s the solution?

We need God’s help. We as the Church need to embrace the supernatural tools God has given us to combat supernatural forces of darkness while at the same time train our children to carry God’s message of Jesus’ return to the world.

As parents and church leaders, we need to wake up. Our kids need to know how to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit at an early age; be led by the Spirit of God; be taught how to interpret dreams and visions according to the Bible; pray in tongues and know why they are doing it and the value of the experience; be able to heal the sick through the prayer of faith; be trained as radical worshippers of the living God; be mentored as intense prayer warriors, and more. In light of this, we need to teach them the authority they have as children of God, and that the smallest child with Jesus inside of them has more power than all the demons in hell through the name of Jesus and by His blood.

Let’s not sit by and let the world train our kids in the kingdom of darkness when we are children of the Kingdom of Light and we have the answers to set them free!

End notes

1. If you have not heard of Indigo children, articles and Session #7 of The School of supernatural Children's Ministry by Kids in Ministry International are available on the website Kids In Ministry.

2. Suggested Resource: Kingdom of Light DVD Series, or individual sessions from this series: You Are the Light of My World; God Has a Kingdom; Children of Light; Kingdom of Darkness; God's Power vs Magic; It's Black and White.

Becky Fischer is the founder and director of Kids In Ministry International. It is a cutting edge apostolic and prophetic ministry for children and those who minister to them. Our mission is to redefine children's ministry in the 21st century by raising up this generation as active members in the body of Christ. For more information, visit the website, Kids In Ministry.

Originally published on the website, XPMedia, October 2009. Updated, October 2010.

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