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News Webitorial Archive - 2004


The Message
Is the message people hear from Christians at Christmas really the message we are trying to give?

The Supreme Opinion on Marriage
Why did the media report that gays and lesbians were celebrating the decision? Because they know how to spin!

Life and Death Reloaded
Euthanasia and assisted suicide are back on the public agenda. Why won't they die?

Evangelicals and the U.S. Election
Canadian Evangelicals have been horrified by media portrayal of Evangelicals, but there are lessons to be learned from the U.S. election.

Let's Talk About Hate
Hate toward various groups is all over the news these days and it is no laughing matter.

A Window on the Supreme Court
While only lawyers could find the Supreme Court Marriage Reference exciting, all of Canada waits with anticipation the outcome of the case.

Marriage—Does it Really Matter Anymore?
Now that marriage has been redefined, we are encountering the "law" of unintended consequences and unforeseen changes.

Real Concerns with Muslim Arbitration
With more Muslims expressing concerns, and with B.C. shutting the door on the initiative, can the Ontario government endorse the Muslim arbitration council?"

Is There Any Such Thing as a Truly Impartial Judge?
There are ways appointing judges that ensure judging to be at least balanced, if not impartial. But Canadian Supreme Court judges are appointed by the Prime Minister.

Charities and Political Activity
Does Revenue Canada restrict charities from speaking out on issues during an election?

Using the "G" word—Genocide
The world cannot stand by yet again and watch the genocide in Sudan.

Should Churches Give Sanctuary?
Immigration Minister Judy Sgro wants churches to stop giving sanctuary to refugee claimants—where does this leave churches?

Unchecked Judges Changing Canadian Society
In their handling of the homosexual marriage issue, the courts, by breaking their own rules, are creating a great deal of inconsistency and uncertainty.

Case Highlights Double Standard in Media
The recent hoo-ha over the Canadian broadcast regulator's cancellation of a radio station's licence reveals widespread hypocrisy on issues of censorship and free expression in this country.

Summertime: Relax—But Guard Your Heart and Mind
Although summer is a great time to relax with a book or to see a movie, take steps to make sure that the experience is good for you as well.

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied
As municipalities show signs of being less friendly to houses of worship, the Supreme Court of Canada ducks the real issue in this case.

Social Conservatism—Down But Not Dead
In the aftermath of the election, those who promote conservative values and policies need to regroup and refocus their energy and strategies.

Should Christians Vote? Absolutely!
Although there is nothing in the Bible about voting, these foundational Christian principles encourage us to participate in the political process.

Take Me to Your Leader
Because a hallmark of leadership is creating and communicating a vision, as a voter you must decide which leader best represents your vision of Canada.

Is Abortion a Sacred Cow?
The brouhaha sparked by a politician's comment indicates that pro-choicers are not willing to discuss this hot-button issue.

Truth and Lies—The Key to Telling One from the Other
Because God did become one of us, Christians have a responsibility to help seekers find the truth, which sets us all free.

It's Finally Here: Election Time!
Now is the one and only chance Christians have to make a meaningful difference by voting for the candidates who support our issues and values.

Can We Rebuild a Culture of Life?
With patience, persistence and a great deal of prayer, maybe an environment can be created which champions life from conception to natural death.

Is Religion Divisive in Canada?
Although recent events might suggest it is, closer examination uncovers several fallacies in the arguments most often put forward in media reports.

Does Bill C-250 Justify Civil Disobedience?
Now that Bill C250 has passed in the Senate, some Christians are advocating a form of civil disobedience

Are Evangelical Christians Taking Over the Conservative Party?
While Liberal pollsters try to use religion as a wedge in the next election, the facts indicate that Evangelical Christians cannot be relegated to any one party

Does Svend Deserve Special Treatment?
Since Svend Robinson's shoplifting episode hit the papers, Canadians are debating whether he should be charged with the crime. Should politicians be treated differently?

Evangelicals Address Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast
Canadian Christian ministries are becoming increasingly involved in the AIDS pandemic in Africa and the government is interested in knowing why.

Does Bill C-250 Have a Future?
Because the damage caused by ongoing debates on homosexual behaviour is substantial, Christians need to be proactive in telling the good part of our story.

Our Children Are At Risk
With child abuse, child pornography and even child victims of murder in the news it's no surprise that we feel concern for our children.

Is Speaking the Truth in Love a Hate Crime?
In their desire to stem hatred, are legislators actually trying to silence Christians and their understanding of the truth?

Ode to Flawed Legislation
How do politicians make the terrible choice between holding their noses and voting for flawed legislation or saying "Nay"?

Gay Based Curriculum Already in Some Schools
While Christian students are not allowed to meet in many schools, gay rights advocates and material are welcomed.

The Ethics of Jesus
There seems to be a new focus on ethics, or the lack of them, in the news these days. But what does "being ethical" mean for Christians?

Celebrating Godly Christian Women
Throughout Canada evangelical Christian women are taking on new leadership roles at many levels, causing many to celebrate

More Than a Slap in the Face
While Christian congregations across Canada were celebrating Marriage on the Rock, CBC television was airing the first live same-sex wedding.

The Bottom of the Slippery Slope
The recent Kempling decision shows how much our freedoms in Canada are already eroded.

The Supreme Court Reigns Supreme
Our highest court in Canada interprets the law of the land; but when the court rules on fundamental issues like marriage and family relationships, we need watch them carefully.

Starting Down the Slippery Slope
Despite promises of protection, B.C. government takes first step in limiting freedom for those who oppose same-sex marriage.

The On Again–Off Again Minister of Justice
Canada's Justice Minister, Irwin Cotler, is hiding his cards on the same-sex marriage issue.

French Ban on Religious Insignia Something to Watch
Religious freedom issues are popping up everywhere and it's often hard to sort out how Christians should respond.




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