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News Webitorial Archive - 2005


You Can't Take Christ Out of Christmas
Well-meaning people think calling Christmas a "seasonal celebration" or "holiday," represents sensitivity to non-Christians. They don't realize they are offending Christians.

Ripples of Pain, Ripples of Joy
Life's events ripple pain through the lives of family and friends. In the same way, the birth of Christ rippled joy through the lives of family and friends even to the present day.

A Vision for Canada
In the lead-up to the election, there has been no hint of the visionary leadership so needed in our country.

Peace in the Storm
When the news is bad, we remember that our hope is in Christ and take our concerns to Him in prayer.

In the Fellowship of Suffering
There is a simple thing we can all do to stand in fellowship with those who suffer around the world: Pray!

Euthanasia and Bill C-407
This bill aims to legalize both euthanasia and assisted suicide. Should Christians be concerned? Does it really matter?

Sex, Teens and the Age of Consent
Kids as young as 12 can be engaged in some type of sexual practice, says a Globe columnist. Parents need to know the prevailing teen culture to help kids stay on the straight and narrow.

Spreading Hatred
Hate is always spread against "the other." Christians cannot be complacent that we are somehow exempt from hate.

Children Taught to Question Their Sexuality?
Certain school boards have introduced policy that asks teachers to "combat heterosexism." Many parents will object if their children are asked to question their sexuality.

Modesty Becomes Us
With hair long and high seat backs it looks like some women are not wearing tops in church. As Christians, we need to address what message we are sending with our clothing styles.

Back from Burnout
Summer vacations are a good time to reflect on whether burnout is robbing us of our joy in Christ and in life.

Same-sex Marriage Is Law: Here's Where We Stand
"We are a people of faith, not a people of fear." The president of the EFC—an association of 40 Canadian denominations—speaks to Canadian Christians who support traditional marriage.

God-talk In the Real World
When God speaks to you, who are you gonna tell?

Churches Can Help the Poor
What are churches doing to make poverty history?

The Right to Rights
If everything from soup to nuts is a Charter right, what role is left for the legislators?

Christians Need Not Apply
We are definitely into election hype when the national newspapers start reporting on the number of scary Evangelicals running with their "hidden agendas".

Defining and Redefining Marriage
While Bill C-38 would die with an election call, more is needed to retain the traditional definition of marriage.

Watergate to Adscam
We need to discern whether those who are running for office believe in anything, and whether they live what they believe. It is vital that we have and support leaders of integrity.

Religious Freedom Under Siege
Over and over Canadians are being reassured that Bill C-38 will protect religious freedom. But it doesn't and can't.

Terri's Tragedy
Could Terri's case happen in Canada? It already has.

A Tale of Two Conventions
It now appears that both parties are "election ready," with policies established and leaders endorsed, the question is: Are this country's Christians ready?

This Is Not My Canada
In the last two weeks we have opened our newspapers to one harrowing event after another. What is going on in our country?

If I Hear "Charter" One More Time …
All of us who believe that marriage is between a man and a woman better get off the proverbial bus. We are not welcome in this country anymore!

Marriage: An International Issue
The redefinition of marriage in Canada will have a global impact. Is it any wonder people in other countries are trying to influence the debate here?

The Spectre of Polygamy
If marriage is dubbed a right, and redefined to allow gays and lesbians to "marry" their partners, what is to stop others from making similar claims?

Raise Your Voice on Marriage
It can't be overemphasized: YOU can make a difference on the definition of marriage IF you let your voice be heard.




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