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News Webitorial Archive - 2006


Is There Too Much Christian Influence in Christmas?
Secular efforts to reduce Christmas to a secular celebration can deteriorate into silliness when even cultural, non-religious Christmas symbols are removed.

Redefining Marriage will Weaken Canadian Society
"Changing marriage was a politically motivated move, and in achieving its redefinition due process was short-changed nearly every step of the way."

Canada's Marriage Debate and the Marginalization of Religion
"All religions, who believe … that marriage is between a man and a woman, may now be negatively impacted … if they are inappropriately viewed as being bigoted."

After Ted Haggard
God's forgiveness and grace are available to the sinner, but sin has far-reaching consequences that touch many lives and may even last a lifetime.

Redeeming the Shadowy Streets
A city core tour offered a glimpse of "the homeless"—broken people with stories, personalities and histories—a reality so easy for us to miss or ignore.

Are Charter Rights Only for Some?
Bill C-38 that redefined marriage was deemed necessary to protect "human rights" of homosexuals. If people of faith now need protection for their "rights," it should also be legislated.

The Irony of Tolerance
Christians helped foster tolerance in Canada by embracing a pluralistic society, but they are discovering this courtesy is not being reciprocated to them.

The Little Black Book
Little black books are always controversial—especially if they are given to teenage girls as a guide to sex and relationships.

The Law vs. Christian Expression
Religious organizations are in a squeeze and need to be aware of it. Be prepared to know and defend your rights.

Can We Trust the Media?
With CNN admitting that its coverage of the Hezbollah/Israel conflict is controlled by Hezbollah, can we trust the media for the real news?

One Disaster after Another
So I go on vacation only to find the world blowing up in my absence!

Gearing Up on the Marriage Issue
It's time again to speak out on marriage. Don't delay.

Getting the Brush-Off
Since the change in Canada's definition of marriage, religious freedom has not been respected. What is the Christian response when our concerns are brushed off?

The New Prejudice
Protests against those receiving honorary doctorates show a growing intolerance of anyone expressing opposition to celebration of homosexuality.

Why Share the Gospel?
If Christians in other parts of the world are persecuted for sharing their faith, why do we have such a hard time with evangelism?

The Morality of Abortion
If we have no laws regulating abortion in Canada, is it still seen as a moral issue?

Slippery Slope to Secularism
France has gone from being a country where people were willing to die for their faith to being the most secular country in the world. Could Canada go that route?

Understanding Apostasy
Abdul Rahman is not an isolated case. This is a strategic moment to call for an end to apostasy laws in the Muslim world.

30 Years After How Should We Then Live?
Francis Schaeffer was remarkably prophetic. His predictions 30 years ago of what western society will eventually look like, reads like a news commentary of today.

Here Come De Judge
Who is the new Supreme Court judge and does the new process of allowing questioning by a parliamentary committee let us know him better?

These Cartoons Are Not Funny
It is funny that cartoons have revealed deep rifts in global relations. But not so funny that they have provoked a violent response.

Compassionate Homicide: An Oxymoron
Those who attempt suicide are treated, not allowed to die. Is there any reason why we would treat those with disability or illness differently than those we believe to be able-bodied?

Winners and Losers
Who won and lost in Election 2006?

Wake Up Canada!
There is a new reality show in Canada called "House of Commons Survivor." You need to get your vote in by January 23rd!




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