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Visit this room to connect with Christians who share your ministry calling

Welcome to our connecting place where you can find others in Canada who share your ministry calling. To submit your own connection please contact:

Join Christians in business and finance:

Canadian Christian Business Federation—reflecting Christ in business and profession. Website includes list of member businesses:
Christian Business Ministries Canada—challenging and encouraging people in the marketplace to do their business God's way. Has offices in Whitby, Ont.
Intriciti—reaching people in the corporate world. A Toronto organization examining the integration of faith and business:
Kingdom Advisors—a network of Christian financial professionals trained to release the life changing principles of biblical stewardship. (Formerly Advisors With Purpose.) Sponsored by the Canadian National Christian Foundation:
Mennonite Economic Development Associates—integrating work and faith, finding ways to help poor people internationally through business. International headquarters in Winnipeg:

Join Christians in education:

Christian Teachers Association of BC—promoting high standards of professional training among Christian teachers:
Christian Higher Education Canada—an association of Christian post-secondary schools such as colleges:
Edifide—formerly the Ontario Christian School Teachers Association, a community of 900 professional educators who work in Christian elementary or secondary dayschools:
Mothers Who Care—a ministry of Power to Change. "Praying God's Heart for Our Schools:"

Join Christians in leadership:

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada—The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada is committed to serving pastors and church leaders in a variety of ways, including providing analysis of legislation and trends that affect the local congregation. Affiliate groups include more than 700 congregations and 40 denominations. See details on affiliation at

Join Christians in the legal professions:

Christian Legal Fellowship—integrating Christian faith and law:

Join Christians working in the media:

Canadian Church Press—an association encouraging higher standards of religious journalism among Canadian Christian magazines, newspapers and periodicals, as well as freelancers who work for them:

Join Christians in medicine, dentistry and counselling:

Christian Medical and Dental Society—serving the needs of medical or dental students and practitioners:

Evangelical Medical Aid Society—our mission is to heal, teach, and serve those in need, in a Christ-like manner:

Nurses Christian Fellowship—a ministry to nurses to encourage them in total vocational commitment within God's kingdom:
Canadian Association for Parish Nursing Ministry—committed to the development of parish nursing as a health and ministry resource within Canada. Parish Nursing is recognized as an essential dimension in the integration of faith and health within diverse faith communities throughout Canada:
Professional Association of Canadian Christian Counsellors—Christian counsellors are mental health professionals who have had in-depth religious and/or theological training in addition to clinical training:

Join Christians in the military:

MilitaryLives—a ministry of Power to Change, serving Military Christian Fellowship and the military community:
Military Christian

Join Christians in ministering to people with disabilities:

Friendship Groups Canada—dedicated to sharing God's love with people with intellectual disabilities; we offer training, support, resources and program recommendations. Visit

Join Christians supporting marriage and family:

Focus on the Family Canada—providing care, advice, support and encouragement to families at every stage of life for more than 30 years:

Join Christians in science:

Canadian Science and Christian

Join Christians taking action on social issues:

Campaign Life Coalition—a pro-life organization focusing on protecting the unborn: and
Canada Family Action Coalition—a grassroots citizen's action organization aiming to mobilize, train and activate Canadians in defending and promoting Judeo-Christian principles in Canadian society. It is national and non-partisan:
Citizens for Public Justice—a national, non-partisan organization promoting justice in Canadian public affairs. It responds to God's call for love, justice and stewardship through research, education and advocacy:
The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada—The EFC operates the Centre for Faith and Public Life in Ottawa:
Institute of Marriage and Family Canada—Conducts, compiles and presents the latest and most accurate research to ensure that marriage and family-friendly policy are foremost in the minds of Canada’s decision makers. The research arm of Focus on the Family Canada:
Kairos: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives—a church-based social justice movement responding to the call to "do justice" (Micah 6:8) by deliberating on issues of common concern, advocating for social change, and joining with people of faith and goodwill in action for social transformation:
Project Ploughshares—An ecumentical agency that opposes militarism and supports peacemaking:
Silent No More Awareness Campaign, Canada—a group of post abortive women who are breaking the silence on our pain and shame to educate the public and Christians on the devastating effects of abortion to women:

Join Christians who write:

The Word Guild—connecting, developing and promoting Canadian writers and editors who are Christian:

InScribe Christian Writers Fellowship—stimulating, encouraging and supporting Christian across Canada who write:

Join others helping persecuted Christians worldwide:

IDOP Canada (International Day of Prayer)—a partnership of Christian ministries who aim to raise awareness and encourage prayer for those who are suffering for their faith in Jesus Christ. Members — which include Open Doors (Canada), The Voice of the Martyrs (Canada), Intercede International (formerly Christian Aid Mission) and International Christian Response — also carry on individual activities:

Join others who minister in a variety of other sectors:

Networks and partnerships facilitated by The Evangelical Fellowship of
For a list of ministry organizations affiliated with The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada:




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