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The Mysterious Ways of God
Jameel, a Muslim, needed direction, and God didn't let him down. Revealing Himself supernaturally, He touched and transformed Jameel's life.

Jameel Ali stooped to retrieve the crumpled ball of paper in his driveway, unaware that its contents would radically change his life. Nestled inside the paper was a small plastic case. Curiously, he opened it to discover an etching of praying hands, accompanied by the text of the Serenity Prayer. Jameel kept the booklet, and although it was not a typical Muslim salat, began to pray the unfamiliar words each morning.

The Mysterious Ways of God
Jameel Ali and Praying Hands

Jameel, a Muslim, and his wife Pamela, a Hindu, had practiced their respective religions faithfully but separately throughout their years of marriage. As their children approached school age, an intense clash of religious ideals seemed unavoidable—the couple struggled to find a resolution.

Two weeks after his discovery, Jameel glimpsed a shimmering image while reading the prayer. Although it quickly vanished, he knew he had experienced a vision.

Shortly thereafter, he accompanied his wife to a Christian church service; intensely moved, he gave his life to the Christian God. When he prayerfully inquired about the vision, God responded: "You were praying and asking for direction for your family. I came to you and showed you the praying hands and who to pray to." Pamela also accepted Christ. The Alis, now unified in their faith and ministry, transform lives as they proclaim the Gospel both in their downtown Oakville church, and overseas.

Recently, Pastor Ali received permission to speak in a province in India where Christian missionaries were outlawed. Many flocked to listen, intrigued by the man with the Arabic name who talked about the Christian God. Private conversations with the authorities ensued; several were converted, including the Imam (the Muslim priest). Many townspeople followed suit.

The community now plans to build a Christian church alongside the local mosque—on the same land that Jameel's grandfather donated to Muslim authorities in 1907. "God just keeps affirming my choice to serve Him; he has completely changed my life," relays Pastor Ali. And to think it all began with a crumpled piece of paper.

Carved praying hands are a constant reminder of how God revealed himself to Jameel Ali, and the powerful role of prayer in this Oakville pastor's life and ministry.

Ken Bosveld is the publisher of the Beacon. He can be reached at

Originally published in the Beacon, July/August, 2005.




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