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From Imprisoned Biker to Impassioned Pastor
He thought he had found power and respect as an outlaw biker, but God had other plans.

As an intimidating member of an outlaw biker club, Ace Clarke thought he had found his place in the world, never guessing that God had other plans for him.

From Imprisoned Biker to Impassioned Pastor
Ace Clarke

Ace joined the motorcycle club as an alienated teen; his membership garnered him the type of power and acceptance he craved. For 17 years drugs, alcohol, gang wars and incarceration ruled his life—he learned to hate and hurt. Although Ace was shot twice, stabbed twice, suffered a severely fractured skull and buried 19 friends, he aimed to retire an outlaw biker—if he lived that long.

Suddenly, everything changed. His wife Joy, tired of the biker life, left Ace and was planning to end their marriage, but she returned home a Christian. Her conversion and frequent church attendance conflicted with Ace's accustomed lifestyle.

When Joy's pastor asked to meet with him, instead of attacking the man he blamed for his current woes, Ace found himself inviting the pastor inside. He could only stare as the man said simply, "God loves you. Did you know that God created man for fellowship with Him? This fellowship was broken by sin. God sent His son Jesus Christ to die on the cross to pay for your sins."

Then, unmistakably, Ace heard the voice of God: "Listen! This is the truth." The burly biker began to cry, as God showed him a vision; he saw Jesus arrested, tried, scourged, carrying the cross, and crucified. Jesus gave up His life, Ace realized, so we could have ours; simply because God loves us. Ace dropped to his knees and asked Jesus into his life.

A changed man, Ace remained with the club for two more years, transforming many lives through his witness. Ace has since traveled around the world telling his story. "I've tried everything," says Ace, now a downtown Hamilton, Ontario pastor, "and there's no greater rush than the one I get from serving Jesus. He pulled me out of the slime pit and set me on high."

Sheryl Petsche is a writer based in Hamilton, Ontario.

Originally published in the Beacon, July/August 2005.




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