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Soaring Above the Storm
She had faced loss and grief without God. This time she faced it knowing Him. Bad things will happen, but Anne knows the power of God's love to carry us through.

I was five years old when my mom left the home. Through my aunt, at the age of seven, I came to know about Jesus and His love for me. When I was ten, my dad passed away. I was moved to Canada from the Philippines at the age of 13. Now living in a country with what seemed like unlimited freedom and every kind of temptation, the spiritual life I had discovered died. I turned my back completely on God and His Son.

As I paced back and forth in the sand and the lifeguards frantically looked for my husband …

Longing for the father figure I never had, I went from boyfriend to boyfriend. I immersed myself in all the wrong crowds. I was exposed to pretty much everything Satan had to offer a teenager who was so lost and confused. Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, clubbing, lying and stealing were the way of life I lived for nine years. I really thought I could manage my life without the Lord. But everything went from bad to worse.

In the year 2002, God used a man—a pastor—to invite me to church. I agreed to go. I am so amazed at the perfection of God's timing and the magnitude of His love. In spite of all my shortcomings and unfaithfulness, God was the one who reached into my life and pulled me out of the pit that I had dug for myself. In my hunger for something better, I could only respond to God's mercy toward me with these words: "Yes Father, I want to come back to you."

The same year I as invited to church, God brought a very special man who was part of the music team at the church into my life. Seven months into our dating, we became engaged. Seventeen months later we were married. Seven months after being married, we went on a late honeymoon to Mexico. One night we were lying on the beach under the stars singing this chorus to the Lord: "When the oceans rise and thunders roar, I will soar with you above the storm. Father, you are King over the floods. I will be still and know you are God … ." As we sang those words, we did not know that the next day God would have to take my husband home. He drowned in the ocean before us.

As I paced back and forth in the sand and the lifeguards frantically looked for my husband, God was already at work. An unexplainable and overwhelming sense of love and grace seemed to wrap around me. God carried me through that experience when I could do nothing for myself.

Every single day I wake up and thank the Lord for His strength and grace that enables me to live in a house full of my husband's memories. God has been faithful. In the face of adversity He has taught me how to depend on Him. I know for certain that material things, friends, and even family will come and go, but He remains.

We all experience adversity at some point in our lives and though we may not understand why, we must be still and know that He is God.

Turn to God and accept His gift of love and forgiveness, peace and strength through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ.

Rev. Diane Makarewicz is a founder of Taking the Gospel Ministries,

Originally published in Off the Fence, June/July 2005.




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