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Behold the Lamb of Glory!
In the Lord's table and the Passover, Jewish and Christian heritages merge for a family that traces its roots to both faith traditions.

Imagine living 2,000 years ago in a moment of time. You are standing on a hill in Golgotha, staring right into the eyes of a broken Man, condemned and nailed to a cross to pay the penalty for sins He did not commit. In a cloud of darkness, your desperation quickly turns to disappointment as you gaze upon His now unrecognizable face. The motion of His suffering grips your heart and you weep bitterly. Then comes the painful realization that it's too late … . He's already dead.

Wait a minute, could this Man really be dead? What about the shouts of joy and victory that once resounded in the streets as He raised the dead back to life? What about the carefully documented accounts of miraculous healing and supernatural provision? Oh, to relive those wonderful moments when the lame began to walk and praise God, when the blind suddenly awakened in awe to the beauty surrounding them! For this Man's mission was to heal and not wound … to comfort and not punish … to restore and not destroy … to care and not crush … to lift up and not cast down. Imagine this someone caring for you!

Alan respected his Jewish ancestry, not allowing anything to deter him from his faith in Judaism.

When God's love reached the Huggett family through 100 Huntley Street, their hearts were forever grateful for the provision of eternal life made possible through the death and resurrection of God's dearly beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Truly miraculous was Alan and Patty Huggett's salvation, for the young married couple came from backgrounds as different as night and day—he was Jewish and she was Catholic.

Alan respected his Jewish ancestry, not allowing anything to deter him from his faith in Judaism. He remembers his dispute with Patty during their first year of marriage over her desire to have a Christmas tree in their home. At first, Patty thought Alan was joking. She realized how opposed he was when he firmly spoke out, "I'm not kidding! Don't you know what being Jewish means? I don't believe in Jesus!"

Patty, on the other hand, was raised a dedicated Catholic in a religious way. However, she couldn't escape the growing sense that something significant was missing in her life. After tuning in to 100 Huntley Street one day in 1978, she witnessed the exuberant joy of a born-again, Spirit-filled Catholic priest, the late Father Bob MacDougall. Viewers who had never asked Christ into their lives were challenged by host David Mainse to accept the sacrifice of God's Son—the Perfect Lamb—so they could have a personal relationship with Him.

In faith, Patty responded by inviting Jesus into her heart and life. It was a "light bulb" moment for her. Immediately, it felt as if the weight of the world had been lifted off her shoulders. Filled with joy and peace, Patty was confident that she was truly a new person, and guaranteed a glorious future with her Saviour.

Immediately, she began sharing this exciting news with Alan, explaining to him that Jesus is a real person and heaven is a real place. She pointed out the many fulfilled prophecies of the Bible, trying to convince him that there really is a Messiah. And though his ongoing antagonism toward Jesus was a great disappointment and source of pain to Patty, she continued to pray for him.

After a long soul-searching process, Alan finally gave his heart to the Lord in 1981. United in faith and hungry for the things of God, the couple eagerly studied the Scriptures together, while also feeding on Christian teaching material such as tapes and books. Daily, they committed themselves to seeking first His kingdom and righteousness, fully persuaded that all the promises in the Bible are relevant for today. The more they studied God's Word, the more they identified with the high price that Jesus Christ paid for the sin of humankind through His death and resurrection. Unstoppable blessings followed every act of obedience and God was glorified.

Over a 20-year time span, Alan and Patty have received many miracles in their marriage, health, finances, full-time ministry, and family—consisting of four children who share their passion for serving the Lord wholeheartedly. Now Easter is a special celebration for their whole family. For Alan, who incorporates the traditional Jewish Passover Seder meal with the Christian message to his congregation, the event is especially meaningful. "It's the focal point where we bring together our common heritage—as heirs of Abraham through faith and children of God through Christ," Patty explains.

As Christians learn to view old testament Scripture in light of the new testament—and the connection we all have with our Jewish heritage—coming together around the Lord's table becomes even more significant. Like those early followers who beheld the Lamb of God after His glorious resurrection, we need to proclaim the good news of the risen Saviour today. Alan, along with Patty and their family believe "it's God's will and desire for all of us to be powerful channels of His blessing to the rest of the world."

Remember—God has never abandoned His dream for you!

Cynthia Lavallee is a freelance writer based in Burlington, Ontario.

Originally published in Compass, March 2005.




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