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Spirituality is so much more than an individual's search to find the mystical behind the modernistic and performance orientation to life.

I suppose I fit comfortably in the "boomer" generation. I enjoy music from the 1960s and favour decentralized government. I've turned 40 and have often been described as an over-achiever too busy to live.

The mystery of "spirituality" in my life has opened my heart to quiet strength …

Is it any wonder that the word "spirituality" strikes a welcome and poetic nerve in me? I am pleasantly at ease with the concept of the individual search to find the mystical behind a modernistic and performance orientation to life. "Spirituality" connotes the divine inspiration of every breath, the divine implication of every situation and unrestrained passion for every shortcoming.

The mystery of "spirituality" in my life has opened my heart to quiet strength and a flexible reality, to a life lived in principle rather than, or in addition to, proper behaviours lived in a sequential structure.

My greatest moments of understanding from the Bible have often come through spiritual meditation and observation. Visiting the rugged coast of northern California I was awestruck by the majesty of my loving God whose impulse instructed the ocean's calming rhythm. While intensely struggling with my own purpose and significance in His design, the sound of the waves roaring in and fading away reminded me that even the earth takes time to breathe.

Spirituality encompasses my being. I find permission "to be." I experience it personally in my adherence to my religious beliefs. Spirituality denies borders and opinions. It is the marriage of His precious Word and its practical and mystical application to my thoughts, judgments, behaviours, choices and preferences.

I find the concept refreshing in the same sense that I find Jesus' behaviour refreshing. He emphasized the motive behind the outcome, attitude alongside behaviour, and the limitless beyond the constructed.

Harmony Thiessen is president of Victorious Faith Ministries in Montreal, Que.

Originally published in Faith Today, September/October 1997.

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