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Obedience to God's Word Brings Blessings
Members of a small country church experienced God's intervention as they submitted to God's Word in healing, finances, and relationships. Here are their stories.

Hope for the future

Anna Wilson's life was a complete mess. Even though she'd been raised in a Christian home, she found herself at the bottom of the bottom. After years in a struggling marriage, she left to live with Dylan, a man who was also searching for something.

*****… she had to make a decision, but nothing was clear. She saw herself in a hopeless situation with suicide as an option.*****

Anna had stopped going to church and had lost her circle of friends. Her children were hurting, her emotions were numb, her finances were nil, and she was suffering from recurring kidney stones. At that point God seemed very far away.

Through it all, one friend, Anna Walker, never criticized, but kept inviting her to come to Flamborough Christian Fellowship.

Finally, in total despair, Anna Wilson agreed to go to church. She sobbed through an entire sermon on how a loving and gracious God puts up roadblocks when we try to go the wrong way; but finally out of His great love for us, steps back allowing us to have the sin we want.

Several months passed and Anna knew she had to make a decision, but nothing was clear. She saw herself in a hopeless situation with suicide as an option.

She called out to God, "Just give me hope." Then she heard Him distinctly, "Go to church on Sunday. Go to the altar call. That's where you'll get your hope."

Anna informed Dylan, who always argued against Christianity, "I have to do it. I'm so unhappy with this mess without God." Dylan chose to come with Anna to church, where they both committed their lives to the Lord. A church member, Lillian Neville prayed with them, "May this be hope for the future." Another, Norm Maxwell told Anna, "God wants you to know you have hope."

That day, Anna and Dylan were convicted to stop living together. Anna talked to her husband about making a fresh start, but he turned her down. Then she found out she was pregnant with Dylan's baby. She felt guilty, knowing she was living with the consequences of her sin.

Anna prayed for the Lord to provide; and He did. A non-Christian man from Boston, Massachusetts, who read her story on the Internet, paid Anna's rent money so she could live on her own, away from Dylan. Marion Judson [a music ministry team member] offered Anna a place to live. People from the church provided meals when they found out Anna was pregnant and suffering from kidney stones.

That summer Anissa was born prematurely weighing two pounds, two ounces. She came home from the hospital three months later, tiny but healthy and adorable.

Anna knows the mess she had created is not yet cleaned up, but her faith is so much stronger now. She freely shares her story on the Internet, on the telephone, and with the people she meets. She doesn't preach, she just loves people in need. "I never want anyone to go through what I'm going through," she says simply.

Healed of asthma

When Dianna Cancian moved into the Hamilton area from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, she developed asthma. She was told this could happen to people prone to the disease, such as herself. Dianna had once smoked up to two packs of cigarettes a day.

*****Dianna doesn't even remember who prayed for the asthma sufferers, but she knows she hasn't had asthma since.*****

With the disease, Dianna was susceptible to fits of coughing if she exerted herself by mowing the lawn or was exposed to high humidity. A room full of smokers was impossible. She feared going to the hair salon because of all the sprays and chemicals in the air. Her inhaler was never out of reach. That all changed recently.

One Sunday morning at Flamborough Christian Fellowship, all those with asthma were told God wanted to heal them, and asked to stand. Dianna doesn't even remember who prayed for the asthma sufferers, but she knows she hasn't had asthma since. She praises the Lord for her new freedom.

A trip to the park or the hair salon, and even a room full of smokers no longer triggers coughing fits. "Just the other day, I noticed my inhaler with an expired date on it," marvels Dianna.

Healed heels

One weekend in October, while taking classes at Faith Citadelle [an associated fellowship], Donna Roberts was healed of heel spurs. For four and a half years she had been walking with painful little bits of bone and calcium floating inside her heel muscles. Now they are gone. She is delighting in her ability to dance in her stocking feet.

On that wonderful evening at Faith Citadelle when asked if she was suffering from any pain on a regular basis, Donna had mentioned the heel spurs. The woman who had inquired, prayed for Donna.

Donna went through most of the day before realizing that the pain she had come to expect whenever she set her foot down was completely gone. She no longer feels the need to sit after ten minutes of being on her feet.

At Faith Citadelle Donna's belief that there is a spiritual aspect to some ailments was confirmed. Now, if even a suggestion of heel spur pain enters her mind, she tells it to go in Jesus' name. Donna no longer believes she has to live with heel spurs. Donna knows Jesus can, and does heal anyone of anything.

The debt is paid

After seven years of being on social assistance as a single parent, Tami Brown is debt-free and has a full-time job. She gives the credit to the Lord. In August 2000 Tami graduated from the Halton Business Institute with a diploma in administrative studies, a legal office assistant certificate, and a $13,000 debt. Almost two and a half years later on Christmas Eve, 2002, after many months of volunteering time at the Flamborough Christian Fellowship church office, and at the Ministry of Environment offices in downtown Hamilton, she obtained a three-month contract position with the Ministry of Environment.

*****Does she tithe ten per cent of her income to the Lord? "Oh, Yes!" Tami states emphatically.*****

In the meantime, God had allowed Tami to pay off the entire $13,000 debt. "Technically this was impossible," says Tami. She and her seven-year-old daughter, Sara, were living on $1,000 per month from social assistance and the child tax benefit up until the time Tami's debt was paid at the time she received the job offer.

When asked how exactly the Lord helped her, Tami recounted how by means of low rent and minimum car expenses, He allowed her to live very frugally. For all of 2002 she was able to pay $200 per month on her loan.

Does she tithe ten per cent of her income to the Lord? "Oh, Yes!" Tami states emphatically. "It's giving back to God what He has given me." In fact, Tami was surprised when she received her 2002 donation receipt from the church. "It was the most I had given in the last seven years.

Marian den Boer is a freelance writer and editor based in Hamilton, Ontario. She can be reached at

Originally published as independent stories in the Burning Bush newsletter, Flamborough Christian Fellowship, Flamborough, Ontario from November 2002 to February 2003.




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