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God Makes a Difference Archive - 2003


Connecting With the Divine
Spirituality is so much more than an individual's search to find the mystical behind the modernistic and performance orientation to life.

Healing Through Jesus
Her aunt taught her that God has never forsaken the Native people.

Obedience to God's Word Brings Blessings
Members of a small country church experienced God's intervention as they submitted to God's Word in healing, finances, and relationships. Here are their stories.

Marie Meets God
She was suspicious of Christians, but couldn't resist dinner and fellowship with friends once a week at an Alpha course. The event changed her life.

How God Sees Us
Here are five affirmations to help us see ourselves through His eyes.

Cutting to the Heart of "Sports Talk"
Gino Reda is the co-host of TSN SportsCentre's weeknight Pacific Prime edition, one of Canada's most popular sports news and information shows. In response to the suggestion that many might covet his job, Reda says his faith is "the foundation" of it. While what he does is entertaining, fun and pays the bills, what he believes shapes his actions and substance of his life.

An Ex-Militant's View of Islam
Murder was his way of life until hope in Christ transformed him. A former Muslim and militia fighter, Zachariah Anani escaped death 15 times after becoming a Christian.

Joseph and Forgiveness
The story of Joseph in the Bible could have been a story of revenge; instead it can help me forgive my pesky relative or my hurtful friend.

Joshua and God's Presence
Read Deuteronomy 31:1-8.

Moses: A Man of Humility
A prince of Egypt turned fugitive, turned leader. The story of Moses is a story of God giving the strength to lead and the grace to be humble.

Move Over God!
Who would get higher ratings on a talk show – OJ Simpson or God? The question was a no-brainer for Larry King.

What Are You Searching For?
Do you want riches? Fame? Power? How about peace and joy? These things don't always go hand in hand.




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