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God Makes a Difference Archive - 2004


Another Way to Communicate
When language became a barrier and English words didn't work, God's words made the difference.

Christmas Celebrates The Right Word at the Right Time
The right word at the right time can make a big difference in communications. God sent His Word at the right time to be manifest among us.

The Last Chapter is the Best
We remember Scrooge as the old miser. But he turned to God, and when he did, God remembered only the last pages of his life. How will you be remembered?

'Tis the Season to be Jolly: Keeping the Stress Out of Christmas
Too much to do and not enough time? Here are ten ways to focus on the meaning of Christmas and de-stress this year.

God's Christmas Image
If Santa is not the best image for Christmas, what image can most accurately reveal the meaning of this celebration to our children?

Can the Bible Help You in Business?
Common business practices can often be completely opposite to practices the Bible endorses. What happens to a business run on Christian principles?

What Sets Us Free?
I was a three-pack-a-day smoker until I discovered the best way to quit was to surrender control of my life to God.

Thank the Lord, Anyway!
When you can't get your e-mail; when you can't do your work; when things are not going the way you planned -- it's time to let God handle it and thank Him for the many blessings He sends our way.

The Owls Spoke Navajo
Demons are real. A Navajo medicine man learned that the power of God proved to be greater than that of medicine men and demons.

In the Nick of Time
Drugs, alcohol and multiple relationships consumed her life, and nothing she did could set things right. But when she came to the end of herself, there was God.

My Two Years of Winter
Without hope, depressed and desperate, she cried out to God for someone to talk to, and God answered.

Living on Death Row
Have you taken time to think about the really important things in your life? If not, what is stopping you?

God's Precious Jewels
Have you ever felt you don't belong? It isn't true. You do belong. God created a unique place for you among His people that no one else can fill.

Soemthing's Not Quite Rgiht
Life is mixed up. We have lost what God intended for us, and we have acquired pain and sorrow. We were created for something much greater, and we know it.

I Shall Not Want
Fearful, helpless, unable to proceed—the sheep in her care needed her direction and assurance to overcome turbulent waters. Jesus said we're like sheep.

Fighting Temptations
Desperate to feed her crack cocaine habit, Debbie abandoned the one thing she loved the most.

What Did I Do Wrong?
Miscommunication nearly got them arrested. Whether they knew it or not, they were guilty—a condition that besets many. Maybe even you!

Free Trial Offer
Wouldn't it be great if being a Christian was as easy accepting two free lessons in a no-risk, guaranteed money-back offer?

Are You Caught in the Performance Trap?
Pressures of life can creep up on us often undetected. Find out if you're caught under a pressure to perform that leads to exhaustion.

Once-Atheist Parents Find Relief in Religion
Discovering strength in God and with support from their new church community, this couple reflects forgiveness, empathy and compassion towards their daughter's accused murderer.

Stronger Than Duct Tape
If your circumstances are holding together with nothing more than duct tape, don't fear. Remember to put your trust in God who is ultimately in control.

A Rapid Transit Witness
A chance encounter turned out to be a divine appointment that potentially saved two lives and infused a wounded soul with a will to forgive and live.

'Big Tree' Iginla Towers Over Hockey Scene
As a devout Christian, he is the first black captain, the first black league-leading scorer, the first black superstar and the NHL's most charismatic player since Wayne Gretzky.

I Wanted to be Special
She had rejected church, but couldn't resist God's love.

Appointments with God
A hair-raising ride to the optometrist's office changed this man's life.

From Hard Rock Stardom to an Unlikely Surrender
With over two decades of international success in the music industry, Canadian Lee Aaron offers this account of how God turned her life around.

A Journey Towards God
A young man walks a road of change and tells the story his relationship with God and his struggle with homosexuality.

A Reason to Smile
When hard times hit, there's a way to keep smiling.

Eternity in the Hands of One Man
Can a wretched beggar influence the world? This is the story of one man who faithfully and obediently shared a message that touched lives around the globe.

How Easter Joy Entered a Nine-year-old's Bleak Heart
A broken life; a broken family; abandonment. Desperation and hopelessness pervaded two young lives until the Sonshine of God's love scattered the darkness.

No Regrets
An Olympic bronze medallist, Claire Carver-Dias pursues balance in her life by trusting the Lord, working hard, and sharing her faith.

Politician's Faith Remembered
Claude Ryan, former Quebec Liberal leader, journalist and respected academic who died recently, was a Christian whose religious beliefs and values permeated everything he did.

Cocaine Was My God
Growing up on the back streets of Montreal, my role models were prostitutes, pimps and drug dealers. It was only natural that I should become like them.

And Now for Something Completely Different
These athletes were forced into an entirely new understanding of their sport. What would you do if you were confronted with a reality different than you thought was true?

New Paths to Walk for Grey and Kilgour
Although their life journeys have taken them down different roads, as serious Christian believers, these two political veterans have both walked with diligence and integrity.

Letting Go in a Shattered World
In this true story, a young man with a broken life and a shattered heart shares how Jesus accepted him and took his hurt away.




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