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God Makes a Difference Archive - 2005


Jesus: More Than an Itty Bitty Baby?
Every Christmas we contemplate the baby in the manger, but have we considered Him as the One in whom we exist and have our being?

Unwrapping Christmas
We can be just like the children—when we celebrate Christmas we can be more enthralled with the packaging than with the gift inside.

I Believed the Christian Faith Was Irrational
Coming from an atheistic background, he was shocked some people actually believed in God. An Alpha course and one year later, he counted himself among them.

There is a Hospital for the Soul in Your Town
Where do you go if you are overcome with inner unease, stress or despair? There is hope. Visit a hospital of the soul in your community.

The Second Chance
Doesn't everyone want a second chance? If we didn't give second chances, what kind of lives would we have?

Coincidence or God?
Ramy Braun Knew that God was calling him to a better life. All he had to do was read the signs.

Prodigal Daughter Returns
She knew she could turn to her family and to God when things got bad enough. Eventually they did.

Little by Little
She had seen the two sides of life, and she knew which one she wanted. Little by little, as she yielded, God's Spirit gave her power to live differently.

God on the Small Screen
"While channel surfing late one night, I made a spiritual connection" (Michael Coren).

A Cancer Scientist's Personal Journey of Faith
An eminent scientist expresses his awe of a personal God who has helped him through the tough times and storms in his life.

Out of Control
When you think you have your life in order, something can happen that send it spinning.

Free to Live, Laugh and Love
Steeped in drugs and alcohol, and entertaining thoughts of suicide, Sue couldn't imagine a life free of pain. But God had a plan for her that would change everything.

I Hated My Dad and Was Angry at God
He hated church, but couldn't resist dinner and a movie. That evening transformed his life.

The Last Laugh
Life, death, eternity and victory connect in the swing of a golf club.

The Movie of Life
Without a good director, life is much like Shakespeare portrayed it—a pointless illusion. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Captured by the Drug Culture; Freed by Christ
The life that God touches, He radically transforms, and the transformation lasts. A former drug addict can testify to that.

The Mysterious Ways of God
Jameel, a Muslim, needed direction, and God didn't let him down. Revealing Himself supernaturally, He touched and transformed Jameel's life.

Sportscaster Now Speaking for God
The first voice of the Calgary Flames is busy preaching now.

Free Indeed
He wanted to die, but God had other plans. Miracles saved his life during his three suicide attempts and delivered him from addiction.

From Imprisoned Biker to Impassioned Pastor
He thought he had found power and respect as an outlaw biker, but God had other plans.

Living on Purpose
Money will buy many things—recognition, pleasure, friendship, self-esteem and fear—fear of losing it all. What is it in life, then, that really matters?

Fair Warning
The villagers were warned. The Indians told them the mountain was moving. They didn't listen, and tragedy happened. Sometimes we handle eternal issues the same way.

Soaring Above the Storm
She had faced loss and grief without God. This time she faced it knowing Him. Bad things will happen, but Anne knows the power of God's love to carry us through.

I Tried to Rescue My Son
What was this talk of God and Jesus and a new brand of better friends? He determined he would do anything he could to rescue his son from this "nonsense."

From Stock Market to Prison
Some might have blamed God and turned away in anger. Instead, when a life of wealth and leisure faded, and the pain of loss gripped him, he chose the opposite.

My Battle with Manic Depression
After 16 years of silence, one woman tells of the illness that almost destroyed her.

Couple Puts Love First
After 20 years of climbing the corporate ladder, he still smoked dope and feared being caught. All that changed when he found out that Jesus died for him.

God Knows How to Catch Weasels
On skid row at the age of five, he lived on alcohol and drugs, but then God apprehended Him, and wouldn't let go. Today he leads a 2,100 member church.

On Your Feet
Our feet serve us well on our journey through life, but our thoughts determine the path our feet will take.

His Name is Danny
We render judgment and walk away. Instead, God's heart is for us to walk out His love, even toward the unlovely.

A Highway Maker for God
The home of a transformed alcoholic becomes a beacon of light in the dark and hopeless surroundings of a Nairobi slum community.

Finding Success at the Top and Bottom of the Fast Food Chain
If you owned McDonald's would you put a man with no experience in mangaement? Likely not. But the founder of McDonald's saw something in him.

Love that Lasts
Is real love an illusive thing in these days of fast food, pop-ups and speed dating? Not according to actress Jennifer O'Neil.

Behold the Lamb of Glory!
In the Lord's table and the Passover, Jewish and Christian heritages merge for a family that traces its roots to both faith traditions.

Game, Set and Match
Ex-tennis champion and TV broadcaster Helene Pelletier says faith keeps her at the top of her game.

Eight Things I Used to Hate About You
"When the things that attracted you to her start to drive you apart, find a way to reverse the process."

A Firm Foundation
Neil Hetherington, CEO of Toronto's Habitat for Humanity, is building his career on faith.

Why I Am a Christian
If we take an honest look at Jesus, we will discover that He offers the purpose, identity and freedom we've been looking for.

Happy Birthday Isaac
All was not well! But miracle after miracle demonstrated that God had His hand on little Isaac.

Faith Eases Triplet Troubles
Calgary church community helps immigrant parents deal with three little miracles.




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