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God Makes a Difference Archive - 2006


A Murderer Finds Home
Summoned to the side of a criminal about to be executed, a historian describes his encounter which at first frightened, but then astounded him.

I Was Numb and Desperate for a Better Life
She blamed herself for losing her father's love, and spent 19 years hungering for the love she had missed.

The Early Christmas
Her time was running out. She couldn't wait till Christmas. And then a wonderful thing happened. Christmas came to her.

To Hell and Back
A shooting! A near-death experience and a second chance. Matthew Botsford tells the story of how he died.

I'm with Him
Homeless, ragged, dirty, dishevelled! The panhandler's hope of eating in a nice restaurant could only be realized in saying, "I'm with him!"

Man without Limbs; Life without Limits
If God has an assignment for us, He is not concerned about our ability. He only needs our availability.

The Shift
Night after night inexplicable evil entities attacked her until she could think of nothing but suicide. And then a miracle happened. A greater power consumed her.

Revenge of the Plants
Plants seem to defy the evolutionary model. Recent discoveries of plant "self-defense" complicate matters even more.

Many of Us Are Closet Atheists
We have a strong belief in what we can see and touch but almost zero belief in the invisible.

From the Gutter, to Grace and Gratitude
You may lose hope and think your life is over, but God may have a different plan.

The High Holy Days: Reflecting on God's Forgiveness
Too often repentance, prayer or works of mercy don't seem to achieve the forgiveness that Jewish people long for. Who will intercede for them?

Dariush–An Iranian Jew Meets Jesus the Messiah
A young Iranian's faith stands fast in face of opposition.

There's Something about Harry
The outpouring of public support for an unabashedly evangelical pastor who is dying of pancreatic cancer is inspiring to behold.

With Arms Wide Open
Why would Oprah Winfrey invite an Edmonton foster mom to be on her show?

The Seeds of Discovery
The seeds of discovery are planted by God. He is the primary engineer, the first gardener, the creator of it all.

Touched by an Angel – and Taught by Alpha
A series of divinely directed events led Chantale to become deeply curious about faith. Curiosity changed her life.

On the Road to Salvation
Several Canadian truck stops offer spiritual sustenance as well as strong coffee to long-haul drivers. Prayer and a sympathetic ear can help truckers resist temptation away from home.

An Ever-Present Help in Trouble
A teen sees God's loving guidance in the midst of tough times and shares her story from a thankful heart.

Somebody Loves Me
Is there anything better than getting your tour card to play the PGA?

God Gave a Son
It looked hopeless, but she wouldn't give up. Like Rachel, she was barren, but she found favour with God and He answered her prayer.

Diary of a Miracle
The miracle you will read about is not one that happened at a specific moment in time. It began long before Wayne became ill.

Did You Know I Was Here?
It's easy to assume that God is too busy for the little bumps and scrapes of life we experience every day. Should we bother Him with such mundane problems?

A Muslim's Search for God
His parents' dreams of seeing him become a future Islamic leader seemed to be coming true until a miracle took place and their world came crashing down.

Better Not Bitter
God gave him such love that his father's killer became his best friend.

Seeing is Believing
Death-defying escapes, blind-folded cycling, mind-blowing street magic—it's all in a day's work for a magician—all, maybe, but sharing studio space with Steven Spielberg.

Ex-Fatah Fighter for Yasser Arafat Asks Forgiveness
When Tass wasn't fighting the Jews, he was looking for Christians to kill. But all that changed in a moment when in answer to prayer, Jesus transformed his life.

A Lasting Love
Drinking drove them to divorce, but God honoured a grandma's prayers from years before.

Walter, a simple but profound man, knew what it meant to empower and bless, and bring out the best in others.

Christ's Resurrection: The 'Aha' Moment
It happened to Jesus' friend Cleopas; it happened to His disciples; and it happens to us—the moment when it dawns on us who He really is.

CSI: Resurrection
What would TV's top detectives make of Christ's resurrection? A miracle or myth? Discover the truth with our own crime scene investigation.

Warrior of the Soul
The people of Jesus' day thought He had come to deliver them from Roman occupation. It's true. He did come to fight a war, but not with imperial Rome.

Finding Freedom from Addiction
Where can a drug addict go for help? Cocaine had taken its toll on him, and he wanted to die. But then God met him. Today he hosts a television show that helps others.

Bustin' Believers
Bull riding is as unpredictable as the popularity of the riders—kind of … "up and down." Fall off and you're no longer a hero. Three bull riders share their stories, and their faith in Christ.

Dying with Dignity
Death does not necessarily come the way we expect, or even plan. The way we live our lives makes the difference.

The Last Resort
There are no answering machines in heaven. God says, "Call on me and I will answer. I will tell you great and mighty things you knew not" (Jeremiah 33:3).

Where Have We Been? And What's Next?
Looking at society, can we say we have made a great deal of progress over the past number of decades?

Spiritual Help His Daily Task
Soul man: a Pentecostal chaplain from British Columbia offers a listening ear and spiritual counsel to the athletes at the 2006 Winter Olympics.

Grandma Lives to Luge
The oldest competitor in the Torino, Italy Winter Olympics 2006 says her sport has given her an opportunity to share the Gospel message all over the world.

Bikers Discover Transforming Power of God
God's love and forgiveness has a way of multiplying. Here's the story of a man who forgave the way he had been forgiven, and experienced a miracle as a result.

I Am Free
The occult seemed to satisfy his craving for fulfillment, until serious and terrifying side effects of darkness undid him. Only truth could set him free.




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