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Page Turner
Katya, an Olympic chaplain who started out an atheist, thought religion was for little old ladies until she picked up a really good book.

Encounter on a Train
The conductor was obviously agitated and we were in danger. But why? And from whom?

Snow White
Even if you’ve sinned, on your wedding day you can be as pure and white as any bride, because Christ makes you whiter than snow.

A League of Their Own
Toronto Blue Jay Vernon Wells and his wife, Charlene, stay on base with God.

Never Give Up
Don’t give up on that obnoxious neighbourhood child – the one who’s the “bad influence” on your kids.

My Journey of Hope
Tina lived the Cinderella story. Only in real life, it was worse. She suffered crushing abuse until the Prince of Peace rescued her and set her free.

Dark Road
"Kevin, guess what? You're dead. You just died," the voice said. Kevin Philp thought he had it all, till one Halloween night changed him forever.

Discovering Your Destiny
With her exposure to the occult for many years, Marcia Montenegro recognized the surpassing greatness of the power of God when she encountered Christ.

“Mayday! We’re Going Down!”
I turned my back on God twice. It took a plane crash before I finally listened.

Shark-Victim Surfer Girl's Simple Faith
Bethany is fortunate to be alive after a shark attack that took her left arm. But “She’s not suffering,” says her dad.

An incredible story of 15 hostages who were suddenly released from six years of captivity.

Preparing to Die
Atheist Paul Quarrington put time into thinking about his impending death, but he died not knowing where he’d land.

Ex-con Hopes to Flood Prisons with God's Love!
Former inmate turns life around, plans return to prison with Bible in hand.

Treasure in Your Own Backyard
Relationships, not riches, make us wealthy beyond price.

Pathway of Peace
Even in the midst of life-changing tragedy and its aftermath, it is possible to experience peace that can restore.

Faith Gives Pitcher the Tools to Succeed
Attending church made all the difference in Andrew Walker’s life. The Winnipeg Goldeyes starter draws on his church family for support.

Dr. James Naismith: Father of Basketball
James, a Canadian and a Christian, intentionally invented the game to encourage less violence, more sportsmanship and serve as a means for sharing the Gospel..

Master of My Own Destiny. . . but Something Was Missing
He was a successful military officer – in control; wouldn’t accept defeat. Surely, he must have been the most satisfied guy on the street... Not so!

Eastern Promises
Damini was happy with Hinduism. She wanted nothing to do with "the Christian God" until a defining moment caused her to reconsider.

Tiger Woods Should Embrace Christianity
To what extent can the hapless golfer recover from the scandal that has exposed his life? It likely will depend on what he does with his faith.

The Rest of the Story
The gifted and well-loved broadcaster Paul Harvey wove threads of faith through his heart-warming stories.

From Denial to Reality: Darkness to Light
There is no way we can deal with life constructively if we are not prepared to admit to the realities this life involves.

Losing My Father - Knowing My Heavenly Father 
The best of times, and the worst of times. Olympic bobsledder Brock Kreitzburg tells how meeting his heavenly Father gave him back all he lost at the death of his dad.

Coping with Loneliness at Christmas
Many of life’s circumstances can overwhelm us and cause and trigger pain during this season of festivity. Here are some suggestions for positive ways to cope.

Who Are You?
If you compare yourself and your life with others, you will find yourself in a repeating cycle and your self-esteem will take a beating.

Hockey Makes a Great Sport but a Terrible God
Hockey is a good thing, but we have to treat it as what it is – a sport, and not an object of worship.

Perfect Princess
A loser – that’s what she was, until she became addicted to winning one beauty pageant after another. To her surprise, it didn’t satisfy.

Dream Centre an Answer to Prayer
He looked in the mirror at his shrunken frame. He didn't recognize the man. He had lost his soul to cocaine.

Back to the Drawing Board
At The Salvation Army’s Paetzold Rehabilitation Centre in British Columbia, lives are transformed every day through paint and ink.

Wisdom Beyond His Years
When the 19-year-old son of a pastor died of leukemia, he left a testimony and legacy that is touching hearts and changing lives. Here are his parting thoughts.

From Suburban Foster Child to Inner City “Tomato Stick”
A man of Métis descent shares how the love of God has followed and guided him throughout his life.

Facebook and Facing "The Book"
If getting in touch with friends and family is important, how much more important is it to get in touch with God?

Former Drug Lord Meets God After Near-Death Beating
About a year ago he was a broken man left for dead by 30 men sent to kill him. Today he writes a prison newsletter for his church and visits school groups.

Out of Her Comfort Zone
Joan Sepp believed in right choices. Instead of seeking to be identified as the mother of two murdered children, she chose to help others overcome grief.

Falle to Grace
This is the story of Natasha Falle. Once a prostitute, she now rescues the lost in the sex trade.

God Is In Control
In every trial and difficulty, and even in the most devastating circumstances, God gives the ability to overcome. Linda’s life proves there is always hope in God.

From Islam to the Cross
Born and raised a Muslim, he knew nothing of Jesus until a series of encounters changed his way of thinking.

From Law Breaker to Law Maker
Our choices affect people. Eight-year-old Serge LeClerc chose to skip school and was arrested for truancy. That choice determined pain and damage to thousands of others.

A Weighty Decision
If Mike Robertson didn’t do something soon about his weight, the strain on his heart would kill him.

Arms of Love
How do you see God? Almost 90 percent of people believe He exists, but most don’t agree on what He’s like.

The Crash
Paul Beckingham learned the hard way that hope transcends earthly circumstances.

Canucks Coach Loves the Pressure
Playoffs have a certain intensity that doesn’t characterize the rest of the season. The Canucks coach brings his best – his faith – to the job.

Basic Instinct, Showgirls and God?
Self-described “Hollywood Animal” Joe Eszterhas, the blockbuster screenwriter famous for steamy eroticism and dark thrillers, says God found him and life’s never been better.

The Void In Me was Unbearable
She was a selfish wife, an impatient mother, an ungrateful daughter and a very bad friend. Would God want her if he knew how much she’d sinned?

For Better or Worse
Could the young couple's relationship withstand the devastating diagnosis of breast cancer?

When you have been betrayed, how do you get rid of the pain? When you’ve been the betrayer, how do you get over the guilt? Carol has “been there and done that”!

Coincidence? No Way!
Why do Christians commemorate a death on a cross? Michael Coren, who calls himself a “cynical and experienced person,” learned the answer through a television interview.

I Wont Let You Die
“I’d lost everything – my job my house, my family. I was out of control, unable to stop using drugs, and life was a nightmare. ‘Just let me die, God,’ I pleaded.”

It’s Like I’m Experiencing the Childhood I Never Had
Hard times are good if they lead you to search for things that are eternal. After you’ve experienced them, you can help others.

Pulled Back by God
Their faith had lain dormant for a long time. Their spiritual journey was about to receive a kick start.

A Stroke of Grace
It took a health crisis to turn Samuel’s life around, but then, with God everything is possible.

What’s Wrong with the World?
Here’s a quick look at some of the major worldviews. These are the systems in which people have trusted hoping they will fix the ills in our broken world.

Let Change Begin
It is not easy to effect change unless there is some sort of crisis attached to it. Reluctance to have change can lead to disaster.

Anxious for Nothing
Do you find yourself in emotional turmoil, fearfulness and apprehension? That’s anxiety. There are four causes, but one antidote.

Trudeau, Obama and Jesus
These men may have more in common than you think.

Filling the Empty Spot in My Heart
Suicide was on her mind. Could a Christmas candlelight service give her the peace her heart desired?

No Room in the Inn
Will you find room for Jesus to be born in you today?




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