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Answers to Tough Questions Archive - 2003


A Theology of Social Action
Understanding God's view of society can help Canadians apply principles that will carry our land into a future that honours both the Creator and His creation.

Peace—the Elusive Dream?
Peace on earth—how is it possible when hostility seems so natural and unstoppable? Peace involves reconciliation. Only through Jesus is it possible.

Emmanuel—God With Us
How was God to communicate with humankind? He had to become like us. It took great sacrifice for Jesus to leave the glory of heaven and come to live among us—the miracle of Christmas.

The Semantics of Spirituality
What does it mean to be religious? What does it mean to be spiritual? Do we want to be termed as either?

Book of Revelation Is Scary!
How do you read the Book of Revelation and understand it?

End-Times Fear
With the new millennium here, and so many "signs" that the biblical "end-times" are closing in on us, how do we react?

Exploring God
When the Bible was written there were no cars or highways. What, then, is a Christian's resposne to thismodern question?

Is the Bible True?
Why do so many scholars question the truth of the Bible?

Piercing and Tattoos
What does the Bible say about body piercing and tattoos?

Two Aspects of God
Why does Jesus talk so much about love when God seems so mean in the Old Testament?

Why So Many Translations?
It is an enormous task to translate the Bible into other languages. Using a common language would help, but there are difficulties.




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