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Answers to Tough Questions


How Can I Connect or Reconnect With God?
Do you want to know how you can reach God? It's never too late. Watch this simple video to find out how! 

Reincarnation and Christianity 
Reincarnation is an amazingly complex do-it-yourself project that promises a state of Nirvana, or “salvation” in the future. The Bible teaches the very opposite.

Can a Christian Go to Hell? 
Is there a hell? Who goes there? Hear what some in the body of Christ say on this topic. Also hear the story of a near-death experience that changed a life.

Why Should We Go to Church?
If you’ve ever wondered, here are ten reasons why we should all attend church faithfully.

7 Questions Skeptics Ask 
Sensitively and appropriately answering questions that skeptics ask you can help them consider Jesus. Here are some pointers on how to respond.

The God Who Sees You
Belonging is our first basic “felt need,” yet loneliness is a problem of epidemic proportions. How do we combat it?

Our Longing for Justice Will be Fulfilled
God has good news and bad news for you. The good news is that Judgment Day is coming! The bad news is that Judgment Day is coming! Take your pick!

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We Are Marvelous and Terrible and So Very Human
The state of the Church is flawed, but the faithfulness and goodness of God remains, in spite of our bad actions.

How Was Jesus’ Death a Sacrifice?
When Jesus was killed on the cross to pay for our sins, He was also resurrected. How was that a sacrifice to God, His Father?

Answers to Faith Questions
What does it mean to “be a Christian”? Why do you have to become one? Why is Christ “the only way”? Listen Up offers some answers to tough questions.

Do God’s Moral Laws Make Him a Spoil-Sport?
Our society is governed today by more laws than ever, but continues to experience increasing crime. It appears that no number of laws will make people law-abiding.

What Did Jesus Say About Salvation? 
What did Jesus say about difficult subjects like money, politics, salvation and the end times?  Let’s take a closer look.

So, Which Church Saves? 
Do you wonder if you have to go to church to be right with God?  Has someone told you there’s a certain one that offers salvation? Here are some clarifications.

What Did Jesus Say About Money And Possessions?
God does give wealth, but not to line our pockets and acquire more things. He gives wealth to establish His plans and purposes on earth.





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