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Seeking God?

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How to Reach God


You Can Connect or Reconnect With God Now!
Do you want to know how you can reach God? Watch this simple video to find out how!

Confrontation in the Classroom
Confrontations are tough anytime, but especially when they’re about one’s faith.

Americans Flunk Religion 101
Pew Research Center says many atheists and agnostics know more about world faiths than do believers.

Confrontation in the Classroom
Confrontations are tough anytime, but especially when they’re about one’s faith.

Clue #9: The Mystery 
What are we going to do about Jesus? It’s a question that demands our response. Part Nine of nine.

Clue #8: The Corpse 
This is the most important clue. A body has been found. Why was this person murdered? We have to be homicide detectives to find out. Part Eight of nine.

Clue #7: Scene of the Crime 
God's Word reveals a crime scene. As spiritual detectives, can we discern what the crime is and what caused it? Part Seven of nine.

Clue #6: Word 
Here's another question for a spiritual detective: If there’s a God, would He contact us? If He did contact us, how would He talk to us? Part Six of nine.

Clue #5: Laws 
We live in a universe of laws – physical laws, like gravity. Relationship laws, like no-cheating. A spiritual detective must assume, Where there’s a law, there’s a law-maker. Part Five of nine.

Clue #4: Complexity 
Nature around us is full of complexity. When we were kids, we were awestruck by the wonder of it. As adults we should be awestruck and wonder about the mind behind the complexity. Part Four of nine.

Clue #3: Beauty 
There’s beauty all around us. If there’s beauty, then there’s an artist who loves beauty. The artist wants to affect us with His beautiful creativity. Who's the artist? Part Three of nine.

Clue #2: Information
Information around us points to God and allows us to conclude someone’s trying to communicate with us. Part Two of nine.

Clue #1: Design
We see designs everywhere around us. When you have designs, you have a designer. Part One of nine.

Prove It!
Good deeds are the proof of strong faith. If someone has really given their life to Jesus, their life will prove it.

Who is a Real Christian? 
What makes a Christian?  The answer is actually so simple it can escape us.

A Good Friday?
Good Friday is the anniversary of the execution of the history's most famous death-row inmate. There is a difference. His was a sacrificial death on our behalf.

The Christmas Story
How are you doing this Christmas? Are you having a hard time finding hope and peace? Jesus came to meet all your needs. This Christmas, receive the gift He offers you.

First Love
Have you ever been head over heals in love? That's what getting to know God is like.

When We Suffer, Where Is God?
Disasters cause us to ask difficult questions about suffering. The Christian view of suffering, however, is different from that of other religions.

Have You Had a True Spiritual Experience?
Today people are embracing every form of New Age thought and experience. "Whatever works for you," is the byword. But if you want a genuine spiritual experience, your choices narrow.

Signposts on Life's Way
The first step to finding your way home is admitting you're lost.




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