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Marriage Archive - 2003


We Have Nothing In Common
Opposites attract and complement each other in marriage. But you need more than sharing for the relationship to last. It has to rest on the sacrificial love of Christ.

Marital Riches Rediscovered
Clashing expectations, accompanied by tears and loneliness, became a painful part of their adjustment to being a twosome. Was their marriage joining the sad ranks of mediocrity?

Going For the Gold
A husband and wife who consciously and sincerely appeal to God for the blessing and protection of marriage covenant are aiming for the Gold.

Becoming One—Hard Work, But Fun!
Even newlyweds have to work at their marriage, according to a young couple determined that their marriage will succeed.

Whom To Marry; Whom Not To Marry? That Is the Question
To help people think about the meaning, purpose and virtues of marriage, and especially about selecting a suitable spouse, is the intended result of this pro-marriage anthology.

Christian Commitment
Statistics don't lie: marriages based on a covenant relationship with God are more likely to survive than marriages where promises are simply made between bride and groom.

Hope for the Future
At a time when divorce statistics are climbing, teens see themselves marrying with the hope of enjoying life-long commitment.

Perfect Love
Divorce rates for believers and unbelievers are alike. They say divorce could happen to anyone. How do we avoid becoming a statistic?

"Is Your Wife Married to a Man or a Mannequin?"
God does not intend husbands to be unemotional and self-centred. Instead, He calls them to love their wives sacrificially.

A Wedding or a Christian Marriage?
A passionate call to reclaim and redeem wedding ceremonies so that those in attendance will sense Christ's presence both in the service and the marriage.




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