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Marriage Archive - 2004


How Churches Can Show That Marriage Really Matters
At a time when marriage is being devalued, churches are using a variety of strategies to strengthen and restore this important godly institution in their communities.

Like a Horse and Carriage
In the wake of social pressures, it's getting harder to get married and choose a marriage partner. The Church can help by mentoring the younger generation.

Sex Seminar Extols Joys of Married Love
A weekend educational seminar on the role of sex in marriage is attracting the attention and support of Christians from right across Canada.

Give Her Salt and Light for Valentine's Day
Marriage starts with the euphoria of love, but how do we protect the relationship two years later when euphoria fades and reality sets in?

Keep Your Marriage Pure
Hope, joy and love characterize the wedding. But too often tragedy strikes, and the marriage dissolves. Nothing dissolves a marriage like sexual impurity. Our hope is to abide by God's Word.

The Way to a Healthy Marriage
Romance isn't always what it seems to be, and counsellors say young couples do well seeking counselling before committing to marriage.

I Proposed in a Chain Letter
It is nothing short of miraculous that this couple has stayed together for 20 years. The author reminisces how it happened.

God: Divine Matchmaker?
Here's how God used an article published in a denominational magazine to bring two people together to fulfill His plan for their lives.

Coming to Terms
Before you get married is not the time to write a prenuptial agreement. Wait till you know what you're doing. Write one retroactively after 23 years of marriage!

Those Marriage Vows
Thinking of taking marriage vows? Be sure you understand what you're doing. Don't say you do unless you have every intention of carrying through with your promise.

In Sickness and in Health
Meet two couples who have discovered that when disability strikes a marriage you grieve for what is lost, but the joy of loving and being loved remains.

Long Distance Love
Marriage can work even if partners live and work hours apart most of the week. How partners share their time and their lives when they're together makes the difference.

What Do You Do When the Romance Is Gone?
Because love isn't a feeling, learning what it is and how to express it are keys to making any marriage work.




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