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Strengthening Marriage


De-stressing Christmas
Here are 11 tips for couples on handling common Christmas season tensions.

Can Anger Help Your Marriage?
Many people are stuck in marriages where there is a lot of conflict. It is vital that couples make a commitment not to “go to bed angry.”

Milestones, Gemstones, Living Stones
A marriage of 30 years is “rare these days.” Living intimately with another person can often be very demanding.

It's Not All About Him
Are wives solely responsible for a husband’s sexual satisfaction, or is there something that both the secular world and Christians tend to miss?

The Pill at 50
100 years ago motherhood was the near-universal destiny of most women. That all changed 50 years ago with the invention of “the Pill.”

Marital Strife and Your Health
Being married can mean better health, but being happily married seems to matter most, says current research. Learn to fight fair.

Marrying young is not the answer for everyone, of course. But neither is it the foolhardy move that our popular culture portrays it to be.

Infidélité par émail
Le danger des relations "virtuelles."

Family Values: Breaking the Cycle 
Relationships get into negative cycles because all we see sometimes is the negative. It conforms to what we expect.

How Did You Pick Your Spouse?
There’s a key to marriage survival. It has to do with bags and buttons, says Grant Mullen.

Spanked Kids Do Better Later in Life
Contrary to modern wisdom, a psychologist concludes that preschoolers who were spanked are more likely to grow up happier and be more successful.

Strong Families Equal Strong Nation
A think tank defends family values on the doorstep of Parliament.

A New Kind of Submission
The secret to a long-lasting marriage.

Marriage Advice for a Season of Sports
Hockey and football seasons are about to begin. Here’s some advice for husbands and wives.

Leading and Submitting
Mature masculinity is neither passive nor chauvinistic.

The Fine Art of Affair-Proofing Your Marriage
Here are some suggestions for affair-proofing your relationship – or, if you have had an affair, for rebuilding the covenant.

Right Kind of Fight
“Do you and those you love often have the same fight, over and over again, without really resolving anything? Maybe you’re ignoring the real issues,” (Sheila Wray Gregoire).

Marriage Benefits Us All
All children deserve to grow up in a household with their own married parents. Supporting strong families is the right thing to do.

Growing Up Married, Growing Up Common-Law
A new study explores whether common-law and married homes affect children differently.

Show Me the Marriage! 
Understanding the spiritual connection between marriage and your work will help you maximize your effectiveness in the marketplace.

Summer Means Wedding Season
Two recent reports highlight the importance of marriage both privately and publicly.

Relationship Rescue 
Creating a God-centred marriage can help you weather the inevitable ups and downs.

How We Love as Couples 
Understanding how we have developed our “attachment styles” serves to give us insights into how we develop romantic relationships.

Made for Each Other 
Men and women are different, yet they complement one another.  It seems to be God's wish for a husband and wife to grow to adapt to one another.

Happy Marriage Lowers Stress in Women
A study shows working women who come home to a happy marriage seem better able to recover from on-the-job stress than women whose marriages are unhappy.

Romance for Dummies
Romance can, and must be manly! If a guy doesn't romance his wife, someone else might. Here are some tips on romancing your spouse!

Keep Those Romantic Feelings Coming
Has your love lost its spark? Discover seven ways to inject excitement and romance back into your marriage.

Proposal in a Pantry
A marriage made in heaven can start in unusual places.




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