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Is Casual Sex Losing its Zing?
Hot news from CNN: Some university students are giving up casual sexual activity because they feel it’s not fulfilling. What’s going on here?

Update Dad’s Summer Wardrobe for Father’s Day
If your favorite Dad is one of those men who doesn’t like to shop for clothes, giving him clothing is two gifts in one.

Teenagers More Moral, Less Religious, Says New Survey
A new book by Dr. Reginald Bibby is based on a survey of 15 to 19-year-olds conducted in 2008.

Do Commandments On Tattoos and Hair Still Apply?
If our appearance as a Christian hinders someone from coming to know Christ, then according to Scripture, we are responsible to adjust our presentation.

Teens Indifferent to Risks: Study
Most teens who knowingly risk injury or death seem to think their young age alone guarantees that they can survive a serious accident.

Camp Experience Changes Lives
At Frontier Lodge young people are challenged, loved, encouraged and made to feel better about themselves.

Teen Self-Injury is “Not Uncommon”
According to a new study, one in six teenagers harm themselves. This ought to be “a wake-up call to doctors and others,” says the University of Victoria lead researcher.

Fighting Back Against Fashion Industry
A program for girls, teaches them modesty, purity and chastity as well as the ins and outs of hair, make-up and posture. The girls model what they've learned on a catwalk.

The Ultimate Catch: Are Young Men Truly Ready?
To find your "true love" you need more than just to get the right "look" and the right "job." You need the right attitude of heart.

Summer Lovin'
Is teenage dating really all it's cracked up to be? Most of us have episodes in our past we would much rather forget.

Is Downloading Theft?
To download, or to download not, what do you think? A musician looks at the five top arguments people offer in support of the practice.




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