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Family Life


A Letter to My Grandchildren About What Really Matters
A Christian grandfather tries to summarize what is important in life.

Making a Difference as a Family
Christian families can respond to God’s prompting to make their world a better place. Here’s how!

Christmas: Less Stress, More Spirit
Get ready! Christmas is closer than you think! Here are some suggestions on taking stress out of Christmas by keeping it simple, meaningful, spiritual, and long-lasting.

Navigating Life’s Transitions
Transitions need not be feared. The foster growth and need to be embraced on our journey of life.

Palliative Care Proven Care for a Better Life and Death
Palliative care teams do not wish to prolong life. They want to make a patient and their family as comfortable as possible on the road to death.

Family of Origin
Does our background really affect who we are? Are we doomed to failure if our forefathers were failures? Are we a reflection of our father and mother?

Exercise Lessens Dementia Risk
Exercise should even be encouraged in children and teens as a means of preventing dementia in the senior years.

The U.S. – One Bowl of Chili at a Time
Stop with Jason Panella to sample a gastronomic delight from the heart of Mississippi – Hwy 61 Chili. Hot stuff!

Brian's Black Bean Soup
Good stock! Chase the chill with a hearty bowl of hot soup.

Unexpected Prelude to a Haitian Orphan's New Life
Through circumstances only God could arrange, a young Haitian boy has the opportunity to start a new life with a new family in Canada.

Skipping Christmas Letters
When lengthy letters arrive from former friends, it’s a little annoying to hear just how well they’re doing.

Taming the Chaos of Christmas
It’s time to plan and look forward to Christmas. Here are some ideas to make the season less stressful and more memorable.

Cozy Up Your Home For Fall
Add warmth to your home when the temperatures drop with these fall decorating tips.

Sitting Down to Supper Together
The regular family dinner is a powerful support to family unity and the successful raising of children.

A Sign from Above
“God tends not to communicate with me in direct ways.”

Coping with the Stress of Change
All change is stressful, even pleasant change. Here are some ways you can reduce your level of stress in face of life’s changing circumstances.

Coping with Job Loss
Unemployment is the highest in 25 years. Recession may affect you, your family or your friends. There are ways to cope.

Financial Fitness for Your Family
Teenagers and money! Are you setting your kids up for success and less stress?

Man’s Greatest Addiction
What device can change your life, bring order out of chaos, calm you down, and more? Guaranteed, you already own one.

Recovering Financial Freedom
Do you have the freedom to go where God leads, serve whom He brings to you and give what He asks of you?

Laughing Matters
Why laugh? There are so many benefits to a rolling belly laugh! It's a genuine stress-buster with no side effects.

More Than Just Turkey
This Thanksgiving holiday, teach kids what it means to be truly grateful.

Tell Me Again – Why Do We Call Him Grandpa?
Family doesn't have to be defined as a blood line or a name. It is defined by a commitment and a devotion to one another and a desire to be together.

X = The Bridge Generation 
The generation that inherited the radical challenges and culture-quake of the Boomers is caught between two worlds.

Families Carrying Record Debt Load
Many Canadian families are piling up record amounts of debt, according to a new study.

Lost In Translation 
Life lessons often come in unexpected packages.




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