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Christian Schools Archive - 2005


Christian Schools Benefit from Special Needs Funding
A decision by British Columbia's ministry of education to fully fund special needs children enrolled in independent schools is bringing relief to parents.

Shouldn't Christians Know Better?
More than ever, we need Christian schools. But we must be sure that what we teach in them is Christianity.

Teaching in Christian School Helps Keep Values Intact
A move from teaching in the secular system, to teaching in a Christian school, energizes and gives opportunity for expression of a teacher's faith.

Will More Information Lead to Wisdom?
Kids on the keyboard! Encouraging children to do research on the Internet may seem beneficial, but the Internet poses problems of its own. Perhaps we should reconsider.

Learning and the Glory of God
Christian education gives weight to God in its curriculum. It revolves around enabling students to understand and relate to God in all they do.

Christian Schools Are Good at Training Children
The Christian school can be a community of considerable strength in preparing young people for a life of responsible Christian citizenship.

Five Reasons to Choose a Christian School
Looking for an alternative to a public school education for your child? Invest in your child's life—and your own peace of mind—through a Christian school education.

From Stockbroker to Principal
He waited in faith for God's direction, and obediently yielded a career for what is now his life's calling. Becoming a Christian made all the difference.

From a Man of Faith, a World of Fantasy
Timeless, startlingly wise, never patronizing, C.S. Lewis's Narnia tales are the apotheosis of children's literature.

Christian Schools Continue to Grow as Enrolment Drops in Local School Boards
A look at Christian schools where the teachings of Christ are embedded into the regular curriculum, and at the challenges these schools face in an increasingly secular society.




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