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Christian Schools Archive - 2006


Heritage Expands Web Courses
A Kelowna Christian school has quietly become the largest B.C. provider of 'distributed learning' via the Internet to students from grades 10 through 12.

B.C.T.F. Opposes 'Religious' Courses
The B.C. Teachers' Federation objects to a promotion among secular high schools of curriculum presented on the Internet from a Christian perspective.

Evangelical Schools Ordered to Teach Darwin
National Post calls it the "Quebec crackdown." Christian evangelical schools are told they must teach Darwin's evolution and sex education or close their doors.

BCTF Raises Objections to Christian Online Courses
The B.C. Teachers Federation has publicly expressed concerns about a Christian school that is offering online courses taught from a Christian perspective.

Christian Schools Caught in Jurisdiction War
Two Christian schools excited to be accepted into the Lethbridge secular school system are facing objections by the Calgary Board of Education.

Getting Ready for Graduation
Parents need to prepare for graduation. Here are some suggestions to help you rejoice in your child's milestone.

Christian Education—A Community Stewardship Challenge
You want to send your kids to a Christian school but are worried about the costs? Here are some ideas on how to finance a Christian school education.

How to Really Help Kids
Here are some suggestions for laws that could help high school students launch their lives.

Independent Schools Reject "Elitist" Image
An Ipsos-Reid survey indicates that most B.C. residents disagreed with using public funds to support "private religious schools."

Shhh, the Kids Are Reading
Writers are offering up well-written books with increasingly complex and exciting plotlines, and kids are devouring them like candy.

Parents Must Trust God in Education Choices for Children visitors involved with both Christian and mainstream school education respond to the letter to the editor titled, "Mainstream Schools: "Where Are the Christians?"

Grocery Chain Supports Education Projects
Faith-based schools reap benefits from shoppers' generosity.




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