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Mainstream Schools


Chilliwack B.C. School Board Brings Christmas Back
Last week, trustees voted unanimously to return to tradition and call the December school break “Christmas holidays.”

Let the Voices be Heard
Canadian universities cannot muzzle pro-life students.

Popular Author Tackles Literacy in Okanagan
Author of 40 books, Sigmund Brower, who almost didn't pass his own high school English class, is visiting schools all over North America to promote literacy.

Religion in Quebec Schools Still a Legal Issue
Litigation about whether a Quebec private school can teach the ERC from a Catholic perspective recently entered a new stage.

Sex Ed 101: What Parents Need to Know
Leaving sex education to public schools is not a wise option for many Christian parents. Explore the dangers, and what Christian parents can do about them.

Learning the Old Fashioned Way
Back to school! To mark the occasion, I recommend a little book for parents of school-age children.

Universal Program Fails to Address Real Needs in Education
"Quality, nurturing settings" are and have been happening in Canada without government intervention for well over a century.

‘Public Schools’ Should Not Mean ‘Atheist Schools’
Properly understood, both religious and non-religious education can be within the public sphere in Canada.?

An Open Letter to the Minister of Education Concerning Sex Education
Ontario parents were not consulted in the development of the controversial sexual education curriculum. Their feedback is only permitted after the fact.

A Parable about Children and Public Schools
It may be difficult for a child from a Christian family to be placed in the secular school system. Can circumstances result in problems similar to those experienced by Redhead ducks?

Score One for Religious Freedom
Who gets to decide what kind of religious and moral instruction children receive in school? Quebec says it’s the state. A Quebec Superior Court judge says otherwise.

Who Doesn’t Have an Honorary Doctorate?
It’s convocation season. Convocation keynote speakers usually receive an honorary doctorate as well. Which means they are ... well, what does it mean nowadays?

It's Not the Time to Embark on All-Day Kindergarten Classes
It’s not a program worth doing at all, but especially not with budget cuts and rising costs.

Quebec Ethics and Religion Curriculum has Lesson for B.C.
Quebec deserves applause for its approach to teaching religion and values, says religion writer Douglas Todd.

Humanist Couple Seeks Ban on Religious Materials in Schools
A couple objects that the Gideons give a New Testaments to every grade 5 student whose parents have said they can have one.

Leaked Document: No Opt-Out for Children from Pro-Gay Classes in Ontario Schools
Children in Hamilton, Ontario schools must remain in classes where homosexuality is taught and teachers must tell parents, it’s “not about parent rights.”

Christian Clubs on Campus
Christian clubs on campus offer a selection of activities and fellowship with different views but the same loyalties.

Controversial School Policy Unites Churches
An organization called PEACE Hamilton has formed in response to the school board’s decision to mandate instruction in the homosexual lifestyle in public school classrooms.

The High Cost of Early Learning
The costs of full-day kindergarten set to start next year will be much higher than expected. Ontario taxpayers deserve transparency on costs before we walk down this road.

You’re Teaching My Child What?
A physician exposes the lies of sex education and how they harm your child.

Schools Prepare for H1N1 Onslaught 
To avoid a swine flu outbreak, Edmonton area Catholic schools are thoroughly cleaning their school buildings especially in high-touch areas.

Life After College: Seeking First the Purposes of God
If you can identify the purpose and vocation God has for you, then you can more effectively make your other life decisions.

Campus Ministries Offer Lots to Students
Each year hundreds of students get involved in Christian ministries on secular university and college campuses. Here’s a picture of what these groups can offer you.

Mennonite Centre Aims to Give Back 
The University of the Fraser Valley, in co-operation with Mennonite Faith and Learning Society, have established a Centre of Mennonite Studies at UFV's Abbotsford campus.

Parents Should Not be Vilified for Defending Their Rights
Parents and faith-based institutions are raising two important human-rights issues directly related to this controversial area of religious instruction.

Alberta's Classroom Opt-out Law Faces New Criticism
The bill concerns teaching of sex and religion classes and the rights of parents to determine the education their children receive.

Quebec Parents Appeal to Courts
Parents who object to Quebec's controversial new religion and ethics course are watching to see what the courts will decide regarding exemptions.

Albertans Most Tolerant of Religious Diversity
Alberta’s Bill 45 would allow parents to remove their children from school classes that teach materials they don’t support.

Two movies: The Class, and Happy-Go-Lucky confront the challenges of education in two very different, but hopeful ways.

12-Year-Old Stuns Pro-Choice Teacher and School with Pro-Life Presentation
“Lia’s” speech won her the opportunity to participate in a region-wide contest. A video of the speech on YouTube has sparked debate and has been viewed more than 100,000 times.

Queen's University Drops "Speech Police" Idea after Investigation
A panel has determined that monitoring conversations could cause students feel unsafe or under surveillance because of their opinions.

Unearthing David and Goliath
University of Manitoba extends an invitation to ancient history aficionados to join an archaeological dig in Israel in the area where Goliath was from.

Freedom of Speech Should Trump Discomfort at U of C
“Inculcating an open mind becomes more difficult when university administrations fail to defend freedom of expression, or worse, discourage it...”

Practice Character-Based Discipline
To discipline is to teach. Properly understood, discipline is not crowd control but character education, with self-discipline as its ultimate aim. No aspect of character education is more basic to creating a school of character.

'Bible Belt' School District Halts 'Gay-Friendly' Course
A school district has halted the teaching of a controversial "gay-friendly" social justice course saying it had not yet been approved by the board.

Raising the Bar: How Parents Can Fix Education
It's time for a radical change in your local schools -- a specific change that only parents can bring about.

School Principals Can Be Agents of Hope
Many Christians who work in the public school system believe God has called them there and equips them for their job.

Correctly Squelched
Political correctness shuts down non-politically correct people’s freedom of speech. Anyone who challenges a politically correct stance is labelled intolerant, a bigot or hatemonger.

Exclusionary Student Policy Challenged
Members of a pro-life group and an atheist club at York University are challenging a motion the York Federation of Students (YFS) recently passed to exclude pro-life groups.

Workshop Finds Growing Interest in Study of Canadian Religion
The conference gave an opportunity for academics from various disciplines to interact and confirmed that there is a growing interest in religion among scholars generally.

Don't Fight Racism with Racism 
The motivation behind the education system of the apartheid regime is similar to that of the Afro-centric school approved recently in Toronto. Its consequence will be racism.

Homosexual Activists Turn Attention to Schools
The federally funded homosexual lobby group Egale – which played a leading role in redefining marriage – is turning its attention to so-called “anti-homophobia education in schools.”





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