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Home Schooling


Mom, Can We Read Now?
We know books are great but the reality is, not all kids love to read. So how do you get your non-reader to pick up a book?

Four Pillars to Teaching Financial Values
How to raise your children on biblically sound principles to be financially independent and wise with their money.

Ten Reasons to Homeschool Your Special Needs Child
Homeschool Legal Defense Association’s studies show homeschooling special needs children has greater benefits than homeschooling other children, especially through high school.

Homeschooling the Rebel
Getting to know the triggers helps in warding off the explosions. Here is what one parent has have learned in dealing with a rebel.

Encouragement for the Homeschooling Journey
A 15-year-homeschooling veteran shares the insights she gleaned while homeschooling her nine children!

Seven Dumb Mistakes Smart People Make When They Homeschool
Here's how to avoid seven mistakes smart people make when they begin to homeschool their children.

The Key to Motivating Teens
Learning the true meaning of knowledge requires a wise and understanding heart that develops when students allow wisdom to teach them through life's experiences.

Kitchen Table Curriculum
What exactly is the appeal of educating the little ones at the kitchen table?

Home Schooling: Hard Work, Big Rewards
Parents choose to home school their children for various reasons. Most important—they like the results.

Home Schoolers Concerned Over New Ontario Compulsory Attendance Law
A proposed change to the Education Act to raise the compulsory school attendance age in Ontario to 18 could negatively impact homeschooled children.




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