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Christian Higher Education


Good News for Christian Universities
Christian universities in Canada have received good ratings based on a survey of more than 35,000 students at 59 Canadian universities.

Canadian University College Reaches Out to Omar Khadr
King's University College profs prepare to tutor former Gitmo prisoner.

Who Will Pastor and Teach the Next Generation of Christians?
Shelley Campagnola is deeply concerned about ministry training for the contemporary situation in Canada.

Day of Rejoicing
Free! No more of those daily irritations that accompany raising kids! His son was off to Bible college and he was free—until …

The role of seminaries in helping students reach spiritual maturity may be changing. Many are now pushing for training to be delivered entirely online.

Interactive Distance Ed Program Breaks New Ground
Providence College and Seminary launched a distance education program that will allow students to participate in classes from anywhere in the world.

Who Defines Academic Freedom?
Let’s agree that all colleges and universities are biased and that their “world views” influence the way graduates see the world.

Professional Programs in Acting and Corporate Communications
Two new B.A. programs will commence September 2010.

Trends Affecting Christian Education
The Christian education landscape in North America is rapidly changing. They are creating challenges and affecting enrolment.

The Gift of Indigeneity
What might we non-indigenous people gain by taking a fresh and appreciative look at how indigenous peoples look at life and the world?

New Redeemer President to Draw on Culture of Collaboration
Dr. Hubert Krygsman is pleased with Redeemer’s image. He hopes to help develop new programs and greater collaboration between faculty and student life.

Confession Clash
Flagship college cited for faculty faith statement.

Two Colleges, Two Approaches to Muslims 
It’s a “new approach” for Christian colleges to be teaching courses on what it means to be a Muslim in the Canadian context.

TWU Professor to Collaborate on International Study of Religious Diversity
A Trinity Western University professor will collaborate with academics worldwide to study religious diversity in Canada.
Student Debt 
Advice from Canadian students who studied in the United States.

Redeemer University College Appoints New President
The board sought a thoughtful risk-taker who could unite the resources within the university community to achieve their vision.

Vocational Rehab
Are we sending the wrong message to young people about vocation? There is a real spiritual value to what we have condescendingly come to call “manual labour.”

Dr. Gary Nelson Appointed President of Tyndale
Dr. Nelson, a scholar and author, was the general secretary of the Canadian Baptist Ministries and CEO of the national and global work of Canadian Baptists.

A Baptist on the Religious Orientation and Academic Freedom Issue in Canadian Schools
National Post’s story that the Canadian Association of University Teachers claims TWU falls below standards for academic freedom received a huge response.

Trinity Western Faces Pressure Over Faith Statement
Can faculty at Christian universities have proper academic freedom if they are required to sign a statement of Christian faith before they are hired?

Loving the Same Man
Research at TWU probes into how mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law talk about each other.

Dare to Dream
Dare to believe you were made for more than the status quo. Dare to do what God has placed on your heart, whatever it is.

The Secret to Winning Scholarships
It takes time and effort to win a scholarship, but it's well worth it.

Portraying the Power of Words
For the second consecutive semester Trinity Western University students have been acknowledged by the McGraw-Hill Ryerson writing competition.

The Essence of a Truly Christian University 
Christian university education is truly ‘higher’ education, grounded in particular attributes that go beyond faith and reason.These qualities draw students, parents and supporters.

"Spin” In Reporting
It is important to choose carefully how we select whom we trust to tell us the truth about anything.

Would Jesus Do an MBA?
The first-ever MBA graduates from a Canadian Christian school finished are graduating TWU this fall. Faith has been a key component of their studies.

The Net and Your Brain
It appears that technology not only be changing our lives. It may also be changing the structure of our brains.

Brian Stiller: "Find a Broken Wall"
Outgoing Tyndale president challenges next generation to see God at work in tough places.

Prof Dares Students to Fast From Media
Only about half the students in his class take the dare, and as few as four or five make it to the end.

Discipling the Mind
Christian higher education helps us bear witness to the full implications of our faith in all areas of life.

Colleges and Universities Making a Difference
College and university presidents share anecdotes that demonstrate how their institution is unique and provide a positive contribution to people’s lives.

Christian Schools Face Unprecedented Challenges
The economy can severely affect enrollment, impact programs and sometimes even put into question the sustainability of a school. Schools are finding new ways to cope.

Will Anyone Recommend Christian Higher Education?
Will the Church be relevant to culture? Christians who are also concerned about the future of the Church can assist in at least three ways.

Cardus to Undertake an Education and Culture Research Project
Educators want help connecting their day-to-day teaching with long-term social and cultural change. Cardus is therefore undertaking a study of Christian education (K-12) in North America.

What You Give Comes Back to You
When a teen from Langley, B.C. was recovering from cancer treatment, the Sail and Life Training Society offered her the trip of a lifetime.

Recession Deals "Potentially Fatal" Blow to TWU
“TWU is not well,” the president of TWU told donors in his annual state of the university address. It must take emergency measures.

CMU Celebrates Communications and Media Program
A donor who made the communications program possible envisions CMU educating strong communicators of Christian faith to work in radio, television or print newsrooms.

Redeemer Students Donate to War Child Canada
“The world is going to be a better place.” Chantal Kreviazuk Congratulates

Media Seminar Online Triples Audience
A media seminar at Concordia Lutheran Seminary included viewers from Halifax to Nanaimo to Dallas through an Internet webcast. A lot more online learning sessions are planned.

The Schools: Discerning God’s Will
How do you know what exactly God wants you to do? The author offers three guidelines for discerning and knowing God’s will.

Students Bring Hope to Japan
Tyndale students are seeing God move among the Japanese people.

Sacred Marriage
Gary Thomas will be the keynote speaker at Trinity Western University’s 2009 Smarter Families Canada Confernece.

Briercrest Cuts the Ribbon on Saskatchewan’s Newest Arena
The arena, named after Briercrest’s chancellor and former hockey coach, boasts one of the province’s largest ice surfaces at standard NHL size.

From ABC’s to PhD’s: A Day in the Life of a Chemistry Student
Sara Regehr is a chemistry major at Trinity Western University in Langley, B.C. She shares a typical day of discovering the complexity and wonder of creation.

Youth Challenged To Face Their Fears
Christ empowers, makes people courageous, Tony Campolo tells CMU youth conference.

Eye Movement Unlocks Traumatic Memories
Researchers at TWU find that “the eyes really are the windows to our souls.” An amazing new alternative therapy is finding success.

Why Choose a Christian Higher Education?
Choosing where to study after high school is a big decision. Here are six good reasons to choose a Christian college or university.

From ABC’s to PhD’s: A Day in the Life of a PhD Student
Dorothy Hunse, a PhD student at McMaster Divinity College interested in church renewal and community formation, shares what is at the heart of being a doctoral student.

From ABCs to PhDs: A Day in the Life of an Education Student
Nothing is mundane for an education student. Each day presents new opportunities and challenges.

Taylor University College to Close
Closing the university portion of the school on June 30, 2009, represents "the death of a vision," says Taylor president David Williams.

Reaching the Facebook Generation Theme of Communications Conference
Age of Persuasion co-creator Mike Tennant will speak at the May 15, 2009, Going Barefoot conference for communicators in churches or church-related organizations.

From ABCs to PhDs: A Day in the Life of a Worship Arts Student
Jamison Dick is studying worship arts at Columbia Bible College in Abbotsford, B.C. The realization that God is in all things has had a big impact on him.

Reading of Paradise Lost Takes 12 Hours
Paradise Lost is arguably the greatest long poem in English. Milton's language can be remarkably electric, and the poem's drama comes out when the poem is shared."

From ABCs to PhDs: A Day in the Life of a Business Student
Christine Noorloos is in her third-year at Redeemer University College in Ancaster, Ontario. She shares a day in her life as a business student.

Discipling the Mind
Christian higher education helps us bear witness to the full implications of our faith in all areas of life

Q&A with Janet Epp Buckingham, Director, Laurentian Leadership Centre
Inspired by the interviews in the Paris Review, Bomb magazine, Sports Illustrated, and blogs by Tom Peters and Guy Kawasaki, here is the story of the director of the Laurentian Leadership Centre.

A Musical Mission to Kiev
Sacred music performed at Trinity Western University’s Christmas concert will be heard in Ukraine – a former Communist state.

Redeemer President Will Step Down
Justin Cooper, who has served Redeemer University for 30 years, has plans to serve Christian education through other avenues.

Reformation and Arts Travel Study Course
On a unique travel course, participants will follow the footsteps of the Reformers through the historic European cities of Berlin, Leipzig, Erfurt, Augsburg and Geneva.

Delegation from Mennonite Universities Visits Iran
A delegation from six Canadian and U.S. Mennonite universities visited Iran recently to explore opportunities for academic collaboration with Iranian universities.




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