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Mission in Canada Archive - 2003


Come to the Party
At a time when many Christians choose not to attend church, this leader in mission recommends reaching out to international populations who are adrift socially and feeling lonely among us.

Business Initiative Helping Cape Breton Town
With the help of faith-based groups, people here are replacing a history of division and strained relationships with a process of working together.

A Charity of Grace
Although a miserable failure as a panhandler, valuable insights were gained from this flirtation with destitution while living on the streets of eastside Vancouver.

Repaired Bells Return to Historic Church
Destroyed by fire two years ago, a milestone is reached in the lengthy process of restoring this landmark building to its original architecture.

Is God Reshaping—and Reviving—His Church?
The success of the world's first polyvinyl inflatable church underscores the fact that God is leading His Church in new and surprising directions.

Grassroots Christian Activism Pays Off
Through Jesus in Mississauga, Christians, churches and ministries are working together in unity to bring about significant transformation within their local city.

Questions for the Church in Canada
The recently held National Church Planting Congress was designed to raise questions that would leave attendees gasping for breath and turning to God for direction.

Of Course We Have Hindu Angels
Here we were, people representing the world in all its diversity, celebrating a specific and blatantly Christian religious festival.

Room at the Inn for Vancouver's Poor
By living and working in the mission field of the Downtown Eastside, this couple is reaching out to shine God's love into people's lives.

'Emerging' Churches Going Back to Basics
To continue to be effective in mission, leaders need to implement strategies designed to both engage the outside culture and deal with challenges from within.

Poverty Is Not a 'Left-Wing' Issue
Overtaking poverty will require all of our best values and insights to find solutions that will move us to new places of commitment and responsibility.

Five Churches Giving Sanctuary to Refugee Claimants
Canadian congregations implement a biblical concept by utilizing consecrated, sacred spaces to house rejected immigrants, thereby clashing with government bureaucrats.

The world's fastest growing evangelism-outreach program is taking off in Canada's mainstream churches.

Of Church and Boxing
Jesus would be comfortable and effective in Quebec society—the most post-modern, liberal, unchurched culture in North America—but is the Church up to it?

Washing the Feet of Prostitutes
With respect and dignity, her ministry extends God's love to the lost and hurting on Vancouver's streets.

River's Edge Church Takes Root
Evangelical alternative aims to be the heart of a network of mainly French-language churches ministering to the spiritually dark province of Quebec.

Reconnect With God
Have you lost your connection with God? Do you know someone who has? Check out this video clip—it might help.

The Resurrection of Story
Fundamentalism and liberalism are inadequate for communicating the Gospel to Canada's Aboriginal people.

Reaching Today's Generation(film clip)
Multiple piercings, foul language, in-your-face clothing … it's hard to reach out to a generation that appears to trash the things we value. Yet God calls us to do it. View this short film clip and be challenged.

Is Your Church Pregnant?
Healthy churches can daughter new congregations

Making Urban Churches Multicultural
Christians must intentionally break down racial and cultural barriers.

Preaching the Gospel in Contemporary Canadian Society
As Christians we must preach God's Word—preach it publicly, not only in church, and proclaim it as good news that has the power to change people.

Shelters for Refugees
The Peoples Church in Toronto has made an effort to help refugee claimants who face homelessness. Peoples gave $10,000 to help it found a shelter.




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