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Mission in Canada Archive - 2004


Quebec Christians: The Urban Legend
Legend would have it that there are only .5 percent Evangelical Christians in Quebec. A recent survey indicates that this figure is a vast underestimation.

Transformation and Hope
One life at a time, Toronto's Yonge Street Mission brings new hope and freedom to a diverse inner-city community.

Canadians Giving Up on Religion, Poll Finds
When CRIC asked Canadians how important religion is to their personal lives, their responses placed Canada in the ranks of the world's most secular countries.

Christian Social Entrepreneurs Helping Vancouver's Poor
Some have made a commitment not just to work, but also to live among Vancouver eastside's addicts, prostitutes and criminals, and in the process change some lives.

Donation Surplus Overwhelms Thrift Store
Second-hand donations are good, as long as they're good donations. But when a charity has to pay to have garbage trucked away, it's not so good.

The Needy Mission Field Next Door
Through persecution and suffering, the Baptist missionaries have maintained their commitment to reach Quebec with the Gospel.

Canada's Southern Baptists Ponder Name Change
Church leaders believe that the denomination would be better served with a name that reflects its purpose and calling rather than its origin.

Fugitive Finds Friendship in Sanctuary
A victim of bureaucratic bungling, an Iranian fugitive continues to live in this church building while his supporters conduct the legal and political work seeking justice.

Christian Climber Takes on Everest
Wanting to take the Word of God to the top of the world, this Canadian buried a small Bible on the earth's highest summit while helping a local charity raise money.

Pride of the Prairies
Fleeing Vietnam as boat people, this frightened and penniless family was sponsored by a small group of Saskatoon Mennonites and started on their road to prosperity in Canada.

Sanctuary Drama Continues in Vancouver
Christians and refugee advocates watch this situation closely to see whether civil authorities will respect the centuries-old tradition of safe haven in a church.

Veteran Youth Leader Gets Groundswell of Support
Cecil Rast, who has worked for Youth for Christ for almost 18 years, faces charges of sexual misconduct for incidents alleged to have taken place in the mid-1990s.

Regina Church Turns Focus Inside Out
Known for its community outreach and relational style of leadership, this thriving congregation successfully puts into practice Jesus' concept of going into all the world.

Messianic Jews Featured In New Documentary
Taking an objective look at Jews who believe Jesus is the Messiah, the film The Chosen People breaks some of the most strongly held misconceptions about this group.

Planting Churches En Francais
The Evangelical Church in Quebec has seen great growth through church planting and the zeal of new believers for the Gospel, but much remains to be done.

Understanding Sikhs
Though Sikhism is currently a controversial religion in Canada, controversies create opportunities for careful response.

Watching the Watchmen
With emphasis on prayer, reconciliation, the arts, intercession for politicians and prophetic ministry, this is seen by many Christian leaders as a movement to watch.

'Nancy' Wins Refugee Battle
Supporting her during three years of hearings before Citizenship and Immigration Canada, her pastor provides insights into the purpose of offering church-based sanctuary.

Quebec Churches Respond to Haitian Crisis
The chaos in their homeland draws Haitian Christian leaders together in Montreal, QC to formulate a plan for a more concerted and organized humanitarian effort.

Campus Crusade Gets New President
Canadian Leonard Buhler feels Christians in this country need to wake up and be a little bolder in their faith and in what the cross really means.

An Act of Commission
Out of high school, and eager to serve, a young man found himself on the front lines of Vancouver's east side, reaching out to people marginalized by society.

Lifting Up the Neighbours
Believing God gave him both the authority and the responsibility to pray for his community, join this Christian as he shares his experiences prayer walking.

Missions in Canada—Maybe We're Starting to Get It
How do you help your city get to know God? Passionate about their mission, these leaders waited on God to identify convictions necessary among them to bring about transformation.

The Gatekeepers: First Nations' Believers Take Their Place
This video series outlines how Canada's indigenous peoples, while reconciling with non-Natives, may be the key to unprecedented blessings for the whole nation.

Canadian Aboriginal Speaker a Highlight of Urbana 03
First Native North American to address convention since 1946 provides a profound, biblical and practical way for effective, Christ-centered cross-cultural work in the postmodern age.

No Room Downtown for 'Jesus is Lord'?
Despite local support, this historic mission in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside is being pushed out by government-funded group that intends to administer heroin to drug addicts.

Christian School Seeks Public Classroom Space
Although administrators and most trustees are supportive, public school parents, teachers and unions are totally opposed to any sharing arrangements of empty facilities.

Faith and Media Centre Launches
Dedicated to helping media and faith groups better understand each other, new initiative provides non-partisan resources to journalists and the public.

Residential Schools Decision Encouraging
A recent B.C. Court of Appeal ruling in this ongoing legal battle encourages embroiled church officials because of its serious implications for future court cases.

Missions Fest 'Birthed Out of the Heart of God'
Entering its 21st year, this annual event is a catalyst to create a vision for mission and a renewed sense of responsibility for global outreach.




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