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Church Life Archive - 2003


Major Survey Shows More Evangelicals, Weaker Discipleship
With fewer Canadians now regular church attendees begs the question of whether or not churches are providing the kind of community that nurtures the faith.

Crossing a Spiritual Threshold
The Eastern Orthodox Church, full of ritual and rich symbolism, is an enigma to our Western Protestant minds. And yet these faithful, steeped in tradition, are fellow believers in Christ.

Canadian Religious Beliefs and Practices—Part 3
These results of the October 2003 Ipsos-Reid Survey include remarkable data on marriage, family and divorce but are very disturbing concerning assistance to HIV/AIDS victims.

Canadian Religious Beliefs and Practices — Part 2
A fall 2003 Ipsos-Reid national poll indicates that many contemporary Christians lack both a zeal for their faith and a sense of urgency in spreading the Gospel.

Canadian Religious Beliefs and Practices—Part 1
A fall 2003 Ipsos-Reid national poll shows some surprises but gives evangelicals reason to look to the future with optimistic anticipation.

B.C. Anglicans: 'Anger, Distrust and Sadness'
Congregations are torn apart within this Anglican diocese by the long-standing and increasingly bitter dispute over the right of blessing of homosexual couples.

Michael Cassidy Calls for Christian Unity and Transformation
African Enterprise founder suggests that coming together is the most effective, powerful and creative strategy for maximizing the resources available in the Canadian Christian community.

Atlantic Churches Rally in Wake of Hurricane Juan
With a heart to help and a plan of action, the Christian community mobilizes to assist in the midst of the devastation caused by this vicious storm.

They Disappeared Around the Bend
To change the Native American situation for the better will require soul-searching and heart-changing actions by members of the dominant society.

What's Become of Sally?
It is easy to focus on church newcomers, but do we really care very much about those who quietly drop out?

Church Attitudes Toward Alcohol Changing
Restrictions on alcohol use have become more lenient among evangelical churches, though abuse is still frowned upon.

Anglican Bishop Faces Disciplinary Measures in Same-Sex Debate
Turmoil further increases as Anglican Church hierarchy identifies reasons to exert its authority on those who oppose the blessing of homosexual unions.

Clash of Social Values at the Doors of Grace
Parishioners and police move to destroy the belongings and dignity of the poor and broken people this small East Vancouver United Church is trying to help.

Kelowna Blaze Sparks Massive Church Response
Christians of every denomination were in the forefront as volunteers to help in the midst of the devastation cause by the fierce forest fire.

Ministers Need Friends Too
It is sometimes difficult for ministers to make friends. Here is practical advice on how to become a friend to your minister or pastor.

Bishop Dismisses Parish's Wardens Over Same-Sex Debate
The rift in the Anglican Church escalates as the diocesan leader clamps down on Vancouver parish by removing elected leadership and trying to change locks on church doors.

But What About Those Gates of Hell?
Do we fulfill our purpose in God with our involvement in the church?

Catholics and Evangelicals
Times have changed. Tensions have softened. Doctrinal differences exist, but Catholics and Evangelicals are discovering that they share the basic doctrines and moral values of Scripture.

A Christian Goodbye
Sometimes an un-Christlike anger and bitterness can surface in a congregation when the pastor announces that he must leaving. Pastors, however, are more vulnerable than congregations in transition. The church, even though grieved at his departure, must be sure to care for him well.

Cleaning Up Our Churches from Sexual Abuse
Churches are a natural target for sexual predators. They have large numbers of children, a shortage of willing workers, and a culture of trust that assumes no Christian could be suspect of exploitation. This assumption deserves to die.

The Finest Column Ever Written
Did you miss "thegreatest Christian celebration in history"in the year 2000? It's great to be enthusiastic about what God is doing, but if we're not careful, exaggerated advertising and promotions of Christian events can translate into dishonesty.

A Longing for the Kingdom
Living as Christians means living in community with other believers the way Christ meant it to be.




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