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Church Life Archive - 2004


Controversial Book "Divisive," "Dangerous" for Messianic Judaism
Community leaders worry gentile Christians will be misinformed.

Uncluttering Christmas
Taking a stand against the commercialism of Christmas.

The View from "Jesusland North"
A powerful and distinct subculture unites Evangelicals on both sides of the 49th Parallel.

A Grief So Profound It Hurts Our Souls
They couldn't really be gone.

Church Attendance Highest Since 1985
Weekly worship reaches 30 percent, sociologist claims.

Faith Sustained Iraqi-Canadian's Family
Kidnapped and imprisoned by terrorists in Iraq, a Christian woman escaped to freedom after promising a guard she would help him get to Canada.

God's Power Makes National Headlines
A church in Victoria didn't imagine that a student's baptism would yield a nationally published story about his miraculous recovery from a coma.

Let's Talk About Child Abuse
Abuse? Why do we need to talk about it? Aren't we all Christians? A psychologist discusses types of child abuse, its prevalence among Christians, and its impact.

Dissenting Anglicans Start New "Biblically-Based" Church
Ex-St. Martin's members have walked away from a mortgage-free church saying, ""Property is not an issue. It's proclaiming the Gospel and going forward."

A Continual Feast: Christian Humour Online
Online humour pokes fun at familiar topics and events in the Evangelical Christian community, but it sometimes takes discernment to see it's a spoof.

Fabric of Country Living is Unravelling
Rural communities throughout Canada are facing severe challenges. Rural churches share in the struggles.

Canada's Southern Baptists Ponder Name Change
Church leaders believe that the denomination would be better served with a name that reflects its purpose and calling rather than its origin.

Sanctuary Under Fire
Although she acknowledges the system is flawed, the federal immigration minister still wants Canadian churches to stop their tradition of protecting people they consider unfairly at risk.

Once-Atheist Parents Find Relief in Religion
Discovering strength in God and with support from their new church community, this couple reflects forgiveness, empathy and compassion towards their daughter's accused murderer.

Fugitive Finds Friendship in Sanctuary
A victim of bureaucratic bungling, an Iranian fugitive continues to live in this church building while his supporters conduct the legal and political work seeking justice.

Be Steadfast, Not Stupid
We are reminded to think before committing ourselves to acting with intensity because blind devotion is not devotion at all but rather a form of idolatry.

Sanctuary Drama Continues in Vancouver
Christians and refugee advocates watch this situation closely to see whether civil authorities will respect the centuries-old tradition of safe haven in a church.

Go With the Guilt
The catchy phrase reminds us that sometimes it's okay to say "no" and trust God with the outcome.

Seeking the Evangelical Essentials
"Evangelical" means different things to different people. Yet there is a core of essentials that define Evangelicalism.

Growing Congregations Look to Multi-Site Model
By differentiating the way they offer their services by geographical location rather than by time slot, these churches build the Kingdom and accommodate their growth.

'Church of Fools' Set for Exhibition Launch
The world's first 3-D online church aims to make Christian worship accessible to web surfers who may never darken the doors of their local church.

Q & A on False Prophets
Church-goers can be deceived by leaders. Here are some thoughts on corrupt leadership.

Testing Church Health
What are the warning signs of a "sick" church, and how can you make sure yours stays healthy?

What If the Church Was More Like Friends?
In a culture where a sense of belonging is desperately sought and not easily found, the family of God is called to build bonds in an otherwise disconnected world.

Ministry Networks Strengthen Christian Workers
Prayer, fellowship, instruction, and encouragement are among benefits experienced from peer input and the wisdom of mentors in two ministerial associations in Winnipeg, MB.

Orthodox Anglicans Present United Front
At a time when their national church is in deep crisis, biblically orthodox Anglicans from across the country come together in this interactive televised conference.

Catch the Fire Burning Bright
It has been ten years since an incredible outpouring of the Holy Spirit, marked by unusual manifestations, launched this small Toronto church into the international spotlight.

Try Helping Those Who Help Themselves
Panhandlers! Are their down-and-out stories true? Is their need serious? How do you respond?

Church Wins Tax Dispute
Court rejects city's attempt to seek a narrow interpretation of what parts of church property should be exempt from paying municipal taxes.

Exposing the Accuser of the Brethren
An insidious evil, this fault-finding, critical spirit masquerades as discernment and infiltrates a church with a motive to destroy individuals, their ministries, and church unity.

Churches Ideal Training Ground for Volunteers
Volunteers are vital to community life, but with fewer people going to church, fewer people are volunteering and both our communities and churches are suffering as a result.

Give Me One Good Reason
Church can be a pain—full of self-righteous grumps and two-faced hypocrites. Or is it a place where you grow in Christ through interaction with others? What's your perspective?

Rites of the Final Passage
Amongst changing funeral practices in Canada, having a faith and a church home gives grieving families hope, support and a sense of community.




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