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Church Life Archive - 2005


Funeral Shooting "An Eye Opener" for Church
"Churches have to come to the table and stop being silent. We're not immune to the violence just because we're praising the Lord" (Orim M. Meikle, Scarbourough's Rhema Christian Ministries).

Flirting With Other Churches
Sometimes Christians look for new churches—for all the wrong reasons. How a Hollywood movie made one church shopper go back home.

Cross-Canada Cycling Tour Highlights Church Centennial
Dozens of cyclists have embarked on the "largest cross-Canada bike tour ever" to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Christian Reformed Church (CRC) in Canada.

Remember the Sabbath? Me Neither!
The fourth commandment comes from a loving Father who knows we need to take a break.

Church Uses "Purge Sundays" to Send Non-committed Elsewhere
The Meeting House regularly invites those who don't want to "get in" to their church by making a demonstrable commitment, to "get out."

Picnic Table Fit for a Congregation
Summer fun! An Ontario United Church congregation sets the record for the world's longest picnic table.

Clipping the Gossip Grapevine Before It Grows
If church is a hospital, then gossip is an infection. Instead of getting healed up when we go to church, we catch whatever else is going around. Here's a prescription to heal the wounds.

Be a Barnabas to Your Pastor
Pastors are the most occupationally frustrated professionals in North America. Yet that needn't be so. Here are some simple ways you can encourage your pastor all year long.

Survival After Revival
If so many tricks of the enemy accompany revival, maybe we ought not to be praying for it.

Coping with Winter's Dark Days
The lack of sunshine and daylight hours in winter can trigger depression and negative mood swings. Here's how to counteract this condition.

Jesuits Lose Battle with Wal-Mart
The presence of the superstore and encroaching commercialism threatens the loss of solitude for the Jesuit retreat centre.




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