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Church History Archive - 2003


YMCA: Still Christian After All These Years?
The present-day organization shows only faint imprints of its soul-stirring past as it takes a lowest common denominator approach to spiritual issues.

A Servant Lost in Christmas Folklore
You mean Saint Nick is real? The tradition of contemporary Santa Claus is rooted in, and witnesses to, the true story of a real Saint Nicholas.

Repaired Bells Return to Historic Church
Destroyed by fire two years ago, a milestone is reached in the lengthy process of restoring this landmark building to its original architecture.

Dead Sea Scrolls and James 'Bone Box' in Spotlight
The subject of thorough discussion at Bible Fest in November, some of the most significant finds in archaeological history go on exhibit this month in Ottawa.

Teresa of Avila
Committed to Christ and walking in the Spirit, this faithful servant defied corrupt authorities and pursued God's leading to bring reformation to the Church throughout Spain.

Marriage and the State
The legalization of same-sex marriage is forcing Canadian Christians to reconcile their understanding of marriage with that of the broader culture.

Francis of Assisi: 1184-1226
Rescued from the heart of Italian aristocracy, Francis committed his life to one Master alone.

Athanasius' Revelation—No Small Matter
What's the difference between asking friends to "run" your business or "ruin" it? Just one small letter of the alphabet. Likewise the survival of the gospel hinges on an "iota," the smallest letter of the Greek alphabet.Through persistence, Athanasius identified the iota that gave the Church the gospel.

Coffin Offers Evidence of Jesus
The James ossuary may be a significant reinforcement to the credibility of the New Testament.

The Heidelberg Catechism Still Relevant
435 years after its publication the Heidelberg Catechism continues to evoke faith and strength in those who memorize its precepts in childhood.

Menno Simons, A Radical Reformer
Menno Simons is the most notable leader of the "Radical" Reformation. Menno's followers, called Mennonites, bequeathed to the church good devotional material and fine hymns.

Ulrich Zwingli, the Protestant
The first to be named a Protestant, Swiss reformer Zwingli was a champion among the people. His radical reforms swiftly caught on to counteract the traditions of the Roman Catholic church.

William Edwin Sangster
Sangster, a champion of Methodism, was characterized by philosophical rigour, fervour in preaching, affinity with saints, homespun writings, and genuine affection for all.




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