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Church History Archive - 2004


The Canadian Martyrs
Anabaptists and Roman Catholics never allowed controversy over doctrine to obscure their zeal in fulfilling the Lord's mandate of evangelism.

Candles for the Lord
The brave deeds of the fathers of our faith throughout Church history call to us across time and demand that we too defend our faith when we see it being eroded.

It Has To Be Said
There are things we are not supposed to say. Mostly, we're not supposed to say that the Muslim world is often a source of conflict in the world.

Revival in the Bible
In every generation revival has carried certain traits that can be traced right back to Scripture. We can expect modern-day revivals to follow the same patterns.

Israel in the New Testament
To make sense of New Testament prophecies concerning Israel, it is necessary to understand why God's chosen people didn't choose to follow Him.

Sanctuary Under Fire
Although she acknowledges the system is flawed, the federal immigration minister still wants Canadian churches to stop their tradition of protecting people they consider unfairly at risk.

Israel and the Bible
An examination of Scripture reveals concepts that Christians have not assimilated in their understanding of the relationship between Israel and the Church.

Was Christ's Life Based on Pagan Myths?
Using undocumented evidence, filled with questionable claims and abounding in errors, Tom Harpur's book, The Pagan Christ, is regarded as bogus by this leading scholar.

The Da Vinci Code Is Holy Blood Conspiracy Revisited
Because Christians know so little about how their faith got from the first century to the 21st century, they believe as truth the bogus claims of this best-selling work of fiction.

All in the Family
The Evangelical family tree might be compared to an apple tree with several varieties grafted into it. Here is a general summary of the various branches.

Pentecost: A Christian Festival for the 21st Century
The Church was born at Pentecost, 50 days after Jesus' resurrection. Today we recognize it as a celebration of unity, fellowship and communion of all believers.

C.S. Lewis
An unusual man with an unusual life, "Jack," as his friends called him was a scholar and author who argued compellingly for the reality of God and the truth of the Gospel.

O' Canada
Canada's shameful historic dealings with the Jewish people can't be erased, but can be forgiven.

Canada's Largest City is Visited With Floods of the "Latter Rain"
A 1920s eye-witness account of the ministry of Aimee Semple McPherson during the later years of the Pentecostal revival.

The Spirit of Saint Patrick: Freedom from Slavery and Forgiveness of Injustice
Learn how the life of this Christian exemplified the message of forgiveness, reconciliation and service—a message much in need today on this emerald isle.

Mel's Horrific Masterpiece
Because The Passion of The Christ is faithful to biblical records, charges of anti-Semitism implicitly point the finger at the veracity of accounts of early Jewish writers.

Passion Gone from the Streets Where Jesus Suffered - No Longer Available
Although everyone knows about The Passion of The Christ nobody at Christianity's ground zero has seen the film because no Israeli distributor has signed on.

Desire for Reconciliation of Heresy Accusations Spreading
A growing number of Christian denominations around the world are preparing to acknowledge and seek reconciliation for condemning early Anabaptists and Mennonites.

Contemplating Wesley
John Wesley's driving faith, commitment to the Gospel, and passion for social reform that transformed from within, ensured for his name to be carved on the cornerstone of the contemporary Church.

Samuel de Champlain a Model of Persistence
The most versatile of Canadian pioneers, this courageous French Protestant showed dedication against impossible odds as he daily faced his God-given tasks.

Who's Who Among Women of the Word
The involvement of women in public ministry is as old as the Gospel. Here is a tribute to women whose amazing ministries have transformed lives throughout Church history.




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