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Church History Archive - 2006


History of the Christmas Kettle
Since the first kettle appeared on a San Francisco street corner in 1891, the Salvation Army's Christmas kettles have helped the poor and homeless for more than a century.

Archaeologists Discover 'Church of the Ark' in West Bank
Archaeologists believe they have found one of the world's first churches on the hills of Israel's West Bank.

The Blueprint for Salvation
Salvation for the Gentiles, repentance of the Jews, the return of Jesus, the fullness of the kingdom and the restoration of Creation are bound together in Apostle Paul's vision.

This Ancient Text is Still Relevant
The vision of the one God united Jerusalem's different peoples. What divides them is the daily, practical application of that vision, i.e., religion.

History and Origin of Canadian Thanksgiving
In 1957 Parliament declared the 2nd Monday of October to be: "A Day of General Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed…"

The High Holy Days in the Time of Messiah
After the destruction of the Second Temple, Judaism faced a crisis. How could God's forgiveness be obtained outside of the prescribed sacrificial system?

Rewriting History Part Two
The recent First People's joint treaty of reconciliation with the Church will bring God's blessing to Canada, say First People's leaders.

Canadian First Nations War Hero Celebrated in Historical Re-enactment
The Brantford, Ontario commemoration included a re-enactment of the arrival of the first 500 copies of the Gospel of John in the Mohawk language in 1806.

Rewriting History: First Peoples in Canada Take Their Place
The First Nations People believe that reconciliation among Canada's native people will have a positive impact on Canada and the Canadian government (See it on video.)

Florence Nightingale Answered God's Call
Frustrated with living the leisurely life of a 19th century lady, Florence defied her upbringing and committed herself to a life of tending the sick.

Pentecostalism at 100: A Major Religious Force
"Pentecostalism is…a biblical phenomenon that's gone beyond denominations and is part of the whole body of Christ." (Reprinted in Christian Courier, May 15-06).

Campus Ministry Cambridge Style
From Britain to Canada, and then to the U.S.A. A look at the 19th century roots of InterVarsity and other Evangelical college clubs.




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