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Stewardship Archive - 2004


Ministries Fight Legislation to Protect Heritage Churches - No Longer Available
A proposed law has sparked conflict as many heritage churches—at least 20 in Ottawa—have small congregations that can't afford to foot the bill.

Fundraising Lessons Learned the Hard Way
One charity's experience proves that charities that accept pledges as a method of fundraising also need to be aware of their inherent risks.

Chaplains Battle "Christian" Fraud Artists Targeting Churches
This program serves to alert local congregations to the threat posed by con artists who are bilking churchgoers out of millions of their dollars.

Parishes Will Fight Threatened Eviction
Calling the action unjust and immoral, two dissident Anglican parishes prepare to defend their church buildings and property as the turmoil over same-sex blessings continues.

Tips from Fundraisers
Seven Christian leaders offer insights on giving and fundraising.

What Are Donors Looking for Before They Give?
Donors from coast to coast want the same dozen things from the ministries, schools and mission organizations they support.

Federal Budget Rewrites Tax Rules for Churches and Charities
The complete overhaul of the tax rules governing organizations with charitable status and the introduction of a new arsenal of penalties to encourage compliance is in the offing.

Brookstone Theatre Resurrected
A phenomenal response to its cross-denominational, cross-country fundraising campaign allows Toronto's only Christian theatrical company to live and to perform again.

Try Helping Those Who Help Themselves
Panhandlers! Are their down-and-out stories true? Is their need serious? How do you respond?

The Special Gift
God rewards this 12-year-old, her pastor and her church for her faithfulness to His promise of multiplication—a promise of much greater effect.




  • Redeemer University - Christian university changes everything. Starting with you.

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