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Worship Archive - 2003


Bring Out the Christian Carols
Christmas carols are part of the historical substance of our cultural tapestry. Are we losing a very important tool for evangelism as that tradition unravels?

Vibe Awards Moving On and Up
Two Canadian Christian artists are nominated for Grammy Awards while this country's gospel music awards show expands to capture more of the musical styles artists are using.
| posted 12/16/2003

Doerksens Unite Young and Old in Worship
Canadian worship leader Brian Doerksen brings two generations of musicians together to sing for the hungry in the 'Hope of the Nations' cross Canada tour.

If I Should Die
Church hymns from the past reflect the tenuous nature of life and inevitability of death while today's are emasculated, sanitized and jollied up.

Church and Culture
Because cultural identity and church heritage are found in the music used in worship, the introduction of more contemporary content is a challenge many churches are facing.

Balancing Act
Leading worship is like a high wire act that requires as much care as preparing the message. If worship leaders fail, they fall hard. What's the balance?

Singing in the Spirit
An African-American choir that relies on God's Spirit, captures the hearts of listeners by giving glory to God publicly.

An Interview on Worship with Tom Bandy
Relating the decline of the Church in North America to leaders' attitudes and approaches to worship, this respected advisor offers solutions to the challenges.

Authentic Worship in a Changing World
What's next in worship?This article studies the past and present in worship styles and predicts future directions.

A Book on Worship by a Songwriter
Andy Park has writtenTo Know You More as an uncomplicated user's guide, making it a valuable addition to a worship leader's library.




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