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Church Growth Archive - 2003


Is God Reshaping—and Reviving—His Church?
The success of the world's first polyvinyl inflatable church underscores the fact that God is leading His Church in new and surprising directions.

Questions for the Church in Canada
The recently held National Church Planting Congress was designed to raise questions that would leave attendees gasping for breath and turning to God for direction.

'Emerging' Churches Going Back to Basics
To continue to be effective in mission, leaders need to implement strategies designed to both engage the outside culture and deal with challenges from within.

Campus Ministries Report "Spiritual Revival"
Record enrolments and a renewed interest in spirituality have created a need to bring Christ to students by planting more churches on campuses.

River's Edge Church Takes Root - No Longer Available
Evangelical alternative aims to be the heart of a network of mainly French-language churches ministering to the spiritually dark province of Quebec.

The Growing Hispanic Church
Spanish-speaking evangelical congregations are on the rise in Canada, and Hispanics are enjoying the music, freedom and apolitical environment.

Church Revitalization Resources in Canada
A resource guide for the article, "Growing Churches Naturally," by David Daniels.

Christianity is Losing Ground
Statistics reveal a bleak landscape for Christianity in Canada. Of six major Protestant groups, only one has experienced both numerical and percentage growth.

Growing Churches Naturally
A fresh way of looking at church health suggests that smaller churches can offer high quality, have strong growth and use innovative church planting techniques.

What Makes Churches Thrive?
Though liberal Christianity is dying in the West, evangelical and charismatic faiths are flourishing in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Religion Making a Comeback
Good news! The last generation of worshippers has not passed through the doors of some denominations. The decline in attendance among mainline Protestants has stopped for the first time in decades.




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