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Church Growth Archive - 2004


Hell's Best Kept Secret
Eighty to ninety percent of those making a decision for Christ fall away from the faith. The reason is a well-kept secret. An audio message.

Evangelicals Helping to Beat Back Secularism
The budding renaissance of religion in Canada has benefited enormously from the Evangelical emphasis on good ministry to people of all ages, says Reg Bibby.

Adventures in Doing the Ridiculous — Helping Pigs Fly or Planting a Church
He came to church just once, but heard God. That's all he needed. Now he's helping with ministry in this new upper middle class artsy Ottawa neighbourhood church plant.

Leading Turnaround Churches
Deep relationships are the glue that holds a church together through change.

To Market, To Market
Our churches may be rich with programs and procedures, but where is our heart? Is our passion to reach the marketplace with the message of the Cross?

Want to grow?
The best way for a church to start to grow is to think small, like Jesus did.

Canadian Ministry Opening Up Once Atheistic Albania
Read how God's provision has supplied the needs of His people as this couple provides Christian leadership in one of the poorest nations in Europe.

Good Church Health Equals Growth–Survey
Increasing numbers of Canadian churches are using this Natural Church Development tool to recognize and deal with obstacles blocking what God wants to do in them.

How to Grow Your Church
Church in decline? Don't know where to turn? The bookshelf is a good start.

Ethnic Korean Churches Thrive in Canada
Canadian Korean churches founded on a rich and varied Christian tradition imported from their homeland, thrive in numbers, but strive to retain second-generation Koreans in the pews.




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