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Leadership Archive - 2003


Beware of Peace!
When peace graces our lives, and battle and hardship are distant, we can slip into comfortable slumber neglecting to seek God urgently in prayer. That's when we need to beware!

Church and Faith Trends
New survey shows that now is the time for Evangelicals to act to meet the expectations of Canadians by having a positive impact on our culture.

What if They Only Come at Christmas?
Christmas seemed such a burden—the preparations, the parties, the church packed with once-a-year attendees. How nice not to have to bother. But she did have to bother. She was the preacher!

Revolutionary Ideas Intended to Spark Change
Christian leader Glen Pitts takes on the challenge to help breathe renewed life and vitality into the 100-year-old Canadian Bible Society.

Evolution Under Fire?—Part 4
In this interview, scientist Laurence Tisdall explains why our schools encourage regurgitation of information instead of critical thinking when it comes to evolution.

Martin Raises Hopes of So-Con Leaders
Some social conservative Christian leaders are optimistic that a government headed by the new prime minister will at least listen to their concerns.

Studio Produces Church Friendly Films
New Canadian entertainment company wants to set the standard for Christian filmmaking by producing movies with strong messages and heartwarming stories pastors can use.

Anglican Truce Threatened By War of Words
Accusing each other of failing to act in good faith, the controversy between the bishop and the congregations protesting his blessing of homosexual unions is far from being resolved.

Poverty Is Not a 'Left-Wing' Issue
Overtaking poverty will require all of our best values and insights to find solutions that will move us to new places of commitment and responsibility.

Anglicans Try New Approach to Same-Sex Dispute
In a new effort to resolve the controversy over homosexual blessings, the Canadian House of Bishops lays the groundwork for an outside mediator to be appointed.

Evolution Under Fire?—Part 3
A born-again Christian, chemistry professor Ed Neeland suggests why scientists will continue to blindly believe in evolutionary theory until a better one comes along.

Holy Burnout
The dynamics of a church along with the ungodly spiritual forces that can operate in church settings, create an environment that leaves pastors particularly vulnerable to burnout.

Canadian Anglican Troubles Intensify
Despite passing some last-minute resolutions, the House of Bishops is unlikely to be able to prevent the imminent break-up of the Anglican Church of Canada.

Hospital Bible Ban Raises Ire in Calgary
The proposal to ban the distribution and display of any printed religious materials in hospitals is viewed as one more step in the secularization of society.

Evolution Under Fire? - Part 1
Scholar Kirk Durston talks about how growing evidence that intelligent design was involved in the origin of organic life is having negative implications for Darwinism.

Evolution Under Fire? - Part 2
Because of its huge investment in Darwinism, author Denyse O'Leary discusses why the scientific community cannot afford to abandon its beliefs even when proven wrong.

Veteran Chinese Church Leader Visits Canada
Having accepted Christ as a child, read how she has endured persecution and imprisonment while witnessing extraordinary changes in her country's spiritual life.

Ministry to Homeless Shut Down
His outreach to east Vancouver's homeless people rankles neighbours and results in a suspension and performance review of this Grace Memorial United Church pastor.

B.C. Anglicans: 'Anger, Distrust and Sadness'
Congregations are torn apart within this Anglican diocese by the long-standing and increasingly bitter dispute over the right of blessing of homosexual couples.

Christ Is Our Unity
How ministers from different denominations in the same community came together, built trust and developed an intimate relationship that supports their faiths and ministries.

Orthodox Anglicans Prepare Defence
Because they maintain that the approval of a rite of blessing for homosexual couples was illegal, conservative church members are pondering legal action.

Five Churches Giving Sanctuary to Refugee Claimants
Canadian congregations implement a biblical concept by utilizing consecrated, sacred spaces to house rejected immigrants, thereby clashing with government bureaucrats.

Creationist Extols Both Science and Scripture
This ministry asserts the Bible's creation account of human origin at a time when a majority of Christians have compromised on the book of Genesis.

Christianity at a Crossroads
The juxtaposition of the Pope's 25th anniversary and the emergency meeting of Anglican primates highlights a fundamental divergence between the churches on moral questions.

Supreme Court Rejects Same-Sex Initiative
The highest court in Canada decides against allowing two faith-based groups to appeal the recent judicial decision which redefined marriage to include homosexual unions.

Anglican Same-Sex Debate Remains Unresolved After Primates Meeting
After 37 national church leaders from around the world issued their statement, both sides of the debate over homosexual unions claim a measure of victory.

Intolerance Marks Furore Over Church, Credit Union
A decision to severe ties with a business that supported homosexual causes has resulted in virulent threats to the leader of the Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver.

Our Gay Future
Recognizing homosexual marriage goes decisively beyond toleration to encouragement and wantonly creates a new social order in which both men and women will become less human.

The Marriage Debate Is Not a Human Rights Debate
To seek public legitimacy of homosexual behaviour, a disguised debate based on a dishonest argument has been used to gain leverage in the courts.

Marriage Goes to the Highest Court
Because the federal government has abdicated its responsibility and ignored the will of the public, faith-based groups are seeking to appeal the judicial redefinition of marriage.

Conviction of Sin Needed for Canada
Is our tolerance for sin reaping loss of religious freedom and judgement-like events in our land?

MPs Okay Same-Sex Legislation
Rallies supporting the traditional definition of marriage appeared futile as parliamentarians, by a vote of 137-132, narrowly endorsed the idea of same-sex marriage.

The Pestilential Summer
With mad cow disease, West Nile virus, unprecedented forest fires and an unreported infestation of grasshoppers this summer, was God trying to tell us something?

Anglican Bishop Faces Disciplinary Measures in Same-Sex Debate
Turmoil further increases as Anglican Church hierarchy identifies reasons to exert its authority on those who oppose the blessing of homosexual unions.

MPs Extend Hate-Crime Protection
Voting 141 to 110, Parliament approved Bill C-250, which adds sexual orientation to the hate propaganda section of the Criminal Code.

Pastors: Unfaithful Watchmen With Blood on Their Hands?
The Church needs shepherds to fearlessly, relevantly and lovingly preach all of God's Word to a needy people.

Tools for the Rural Church
The ministry "tools" leaders have been taught to use don't always work in countryside churches.

Marriage Rocked by Politics, Protest and Prayer
The assault on marriage is causing the diverse Christian community in Canada to unite together to boldly and publicly take a stand for the Gospel.

Bishop Dismisses Parish's Wardens Over Same-Sex Debate
The rift in the Anglican Church escalates as the diocesan leader clamps down on Vancouver parish by removing elected leadership and trying to change locks on church doors.

MPs Want Quick Vote on Same-Sex Marriage
The government sends mixed messages as it contemplates a vote on gay marriage while simultaneously asking the Supreme Court for constitutional direction.

Canadians Back Legalized Euthanasia
As they re-evaluate their attitudes, almost 50 percent of adults in this country believe the practice of doctor-assisted suicide should be made legal.

In Search Of Servant Leadership
Church leadership is in crisis. George Barna believes that many people God has gifted and called have not been given the opportunity and platform to answer that call.

Free Speech Falls Prey to 'Human Rights'
As this well respected law professor points out, Canadians who speak out against homosexual behaviour are threatened with harassment, vilification and even prosecution.

Culture Wars Are Killing Marriage
The proposed neutered definition of marriage will destroy all this institution provides society, replacing it with a legal fiction that is doomed to fail.

God's Leaders Are Coming and Going
Recent high profile leadership changes highlight the importance of succession planning and an organized transition process for Christian organizations and churches.

'I Don't Care Anymore'
The deadly sin of acedia is robbing today's Christian leaders of the excitement of their life and service and pushing them into spiritual indifference.

Mainse Retires from "100 Huntley Street"
While transferring leadership to his son, the founder and architect of Canada's most popular television ministry continues to serve as an evangelist.

Death and Ethics
A nurse witnesses a young boy's death and years later, as a counsellor, she considers the ethical questions raised by death and dying.

Encouragement in Counselling
The task of the counsellor is daring to be vulnerable enough to encourage a client to move beyond discouragement.

From Involvement to Commitment
Strategies to release the power of shared vision in leadership

Leadership Transitions Create Opportunity
Change tends to create anxiety, but leadership transitions can result in opportunities for an organization. Gary Walsh, the EFC's former president, shares his insights.

Sexual Misconduct
Some of the most disturbing cases of sexual abuse a counsellor must deal with involve the abuse of professional power against the victim.




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