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Leadership Archive - 2004


Ministries Fight Legislation to Protect Heritage Churches - No Longer Available
A proposed law has sparked conflict as many heritage churches—at least 20 in Ottawa—have small congregations that can't afford to foot the bill.

Abuse of Authority
Sheep can be bitten by the shepherd. Why do we seldom hear of Church leaders being dismissed for abuse of authority?

Charges Against Youth for Christ Worker Dropped
Contrary to the way we believe the law operates, this Youth for Christ worker was charged and presumed guilty until charges were dropped.

Secret Offer Feds Made to Churches Comes to Light
Churches harbouring refugees were asked to turn over a few failed refugee claimants each year whose status would then be reconsidered.

Ministers Push For Unionization of United Church
United Church ministers are pushing to join the Canadian Auto Workers' union. Their complaints are similar to those of other CAW members.

Quebec Christians: The Urban Legend
Legend would have it that there are only .5 percent Evangelical Christians in Quebec. A recent survey indicates that this figure is a vast underestimation.

Digging the Well Together
The importance of leaders working with others who share a vision concerning the evangelization of a city can't be overemphasized. Here are some valid points to consider.

"Spirituality without religion" or "Christianity without Jesus?"
Multi-faith seekers have formed a new "community" to discuss The Pagan Christ. The book by Tom Harpur presents the view that there is no evidence for a historical Jesus.

Canadians Want Controls on Abortion
Little attention has been paid to a new survey that shows a majority of Canadians want more legal controls on abortion which is currently available in Canada on demand.

Restoring Fallen Ministry Leaders
Stress and too much work can cause pastors to burn out—or worse. How can churches help?

Pastor Defies Same-sex Marriage Law
A Nova Scotia pastor's refusal to acknowledge the same-sex marriage law is deemed a "watershed moment in the history of marriage" and a "call to action" to others.

Christianity Hanging in Balance, Warns Theologian
Christianity hangs in balance, leading theologian warns. Churches fear being marginalized by state.

Effective leadership teams almost always have a degree of creative tension. That creative tension helps propel a well-matched team forward.

Triangle On Workdesks
Thousands of Royal Bank employees have been asked to display the rainbow symbol to let gays and lesbians know that the bank welcomes them.

Mennonites Turn Down Deal with Neighbouring Buddhists
To preserve their witness for Christ in their community, a Mennonite church would rather pass up the millions than sell their land to Buddhists expanding their temple.

Standing Strong in the Storm
It is difficult to be God's messenger in face of persecution by those who are angered by the message. Jeremiah knew what that felt like.

Peterborough's Church in the City Aids Clean-up Efforts
An ecumenical Christian group is providing essential volunteer help for flood victims.

Canadians Giving Up on Religion, Poll Finds
When CRIC asked Canadians how important religion is to their personal lives, their responses placed Canada in the ranks of the world's most secular countries.

Conservative Anglicans Find a Way Forward
Anglicans in Canada and the United States who have endorsed same-sex unions may be disciplined by the worldwide Anglican church.

"Agents of Hope" Wanted
True Christian witness integrates providing for the needs of the poor along with sharing the Gospel with them. Canadian churches are now embracing this vision.

When Should Men Submit to Women?
A church benefits when it allows expression of the clear leadership giftings of the Spirit in the lives of both men and women.

"Zed," Not "Zee"
Canadians need to recognize our great contributions to the Kingdom. We need to create Canadian-made solutions to Canadian issues and problems.

New Organization Aims to Strengthen Canadian Church
A new ministry's mandate is to inspire revival among Canadian pastors and church leaders by taking them to "spiritual hot spots" around the globe.

Quebec Church Offers "Come as You Are" Welcome
An "unorthodox approach to Christianity" makes this church a "box-office hit" among the unchurched who are disinterested in organized religion and traditional church.

Fabric of Country Living is Unravelling
Rural communities throughout Canada are facing severe challenges. Rural churches share in the struggles.

The Silence of the Scriptures
Scripture is foundational to Evangelical worship, but often Bible reading in public worship is neglected. What are the reasons, and how do we overcome them?

Pentecostal "Giant" Joins ACTS Seminaries
With this newest addition, the consortium's multi-denominational model for training church leaders better reflects the new reality of the Church in Canada.

Lost Sons and Elder Brothers—The Call to Come Home
What if the angry elder brother met the returning prodigal, not the father? Prodigals returning from sexual brokenness too often encounter heartbreak in the Church.

There's More to Life Than Choice
With 100,000 being performed each year in Canada, we need to get over the question of choice and begin to discuss the questions of social policy concerning abortion.

Don't Sacrifice Substance for Technique
Because the substance of the Gospel is so inherently worthwhile, an over-reliance on tools, programs and methodology will undercut the truth rather than enhance it.

B.C. Urged to Charge Polygamists
Because politicians refuse to support the laying of charges, seven women are taking their fight against polygamy, incest and pedophilia to the provincial Human Rights Tribunal.

Recognizing the Signs of the Times
Darkness is increasing. Churches that cannot adapt to the accompanying changes will not survive the coming times, concludes an Argentinean revivalist as he examines the trends of this age.

Chaplains Battle "Christian" Fraud Artists Targeting Churches
This program serves to alert local congregations to the threat posed by con artists who are bilking churchgoers out of millions of their dollars.

Parishes Will Fight Threatened Eviction
Calling the action unjust and immoral, two dissident Anglican parishes prepare to defend their church buildings and property as the turmoil over same-sex blessings continues.

Thanksgiving and Prayer
Under the direction of the Holy Spirit, efforts of the Body of Christ in Canada to work together and give common expression to the biblical principles we share, have been rewarded.

Diversion from Work Feeds the Soul
Because responsibility can be wearing, these Christian leaders recognize that taking time to recharge, physically, emotionally and spiritually, is vital to any person's health.

Hang In There
Although there are many reasons for leaders to quit, this writer believes God rewards the faithfulness of those who persevere to achieve greater things.

Why Do Reason and Civility Disappear at Decision Time?
Because election campaigns and church meetings have a way of bringing out the worst in human nature, a better way to conduct this business is badly needed.

Christian Candidates Tiptoe Through the Political Minefields
Because much of central Canada is a bastion of secularism, being perceived as a religious person – especially "evangelical" – is a political handicap for candidates.

Mainse Rides a 'Steel Horse' for Charity and Marriage
While crossing the country by motorcycle to raise funds for a camp for physically and mentally challenged children, he is speaking out to defend traditional marriage.

Where Is the Best Christian Workplace?
A professional analysis of their "people practices" is just one benefit to those Canadian ministry organizations that participate in this recently announced competition.

The Election's Cross to Bear
The sooner we start getting comfortable with the fact that faith is a reality in our politics, the more honest we can be about the role it plays in shaping the future.

Bishop Lashes Martin for Abortion Stand
This Church leader calls the Prime Minister's position on abortion and same-sex marriage a source of scandal that reflects a fundamental moral incoherence.

Why Same-Sex "Blessing" Diminishes Christian Marriage
Because gender difference is the essence of the vision of marriage that the Bible offers, only this vision is rooted in creation, reflects our redemption and affirms life.

Mixing God and Politics - No Longer Available
The reluctance of elected officials to engage in spiritual talk has not only stoked galloping secularism but also a decidedly anti-religious tone in Canadian politics.

Why Do We Keep This Grenade Armed?
Because getting an abortion is not just another medical procedure, this pro-choice writer sees nothing wrong with requiring that patients receive impartial third-party counselling.

Anglicans Affirm 'Sanctity' of Gay Unions at National Synod
Already deeply divided over homosexuality, this position taken by the Canadian church could drive a wedge into the global body of Anglicans.

Growing Congregations Look to Multi-Site Model
By differentiating the way they offer their services by geographical location rather than by time slot, these churches build the Kingdom and accommodate their growth.

A Pastor Needs Friends
We are made for relationship. Pastors, too, need encouragers. Can they find them in their own church? Here are pointers for pastors on making friends.

How Then Shall We Vote?
People of faith and the issues that matter most to them need to be given a fair hearing during this federal election campaign.

Bishops and the Ethnic Vote
As one of the most multicultural institutions in Canada, the overall impact on the current election of the Catholic church's stance on issues cannot be underestimated.

Anglicans Gear Up for Historic National Debate on Same-Sex Blessings
As the Anglican church prepares to deal with this issue for the first time on a national level, orthodox members feel they are being marginalized in their own church.

Veteran Youth Leader Gets Groundswell of Support
Cecil Rast, who has worked for Youth for Christ for almost 18 years, faces charges of sexual misconduct for incidents alleged to have taken place in the mid-1990s.

Where Leaders Fall Short
By defining visionary leadership and anchoring it in his experiences, this writer identifies the most common deprivation suffered by churches and ministries across Canada.

C-250: Now What?
This tactic could produce the largest act of civil disobedience in Canada's religious history or establish a precedent enabling Christians to freely proclaim Scriptures.

Behold Your Brothers and Sisters
As Christians face the assault of an ungodly Canadian culture, more churches are reaching beyond their walls to partner with others – locally, regionally and nationally.

Warning Light for Leaders
Consider these eight warning signs of leadership failure and take the corrective action necessary to sustain healthy and fulfilling performance at optimum efficiency.

Devout Liberal MPs Ask Martin to Condemn Party Tactics on Religion - No Longer Available
Demonizing opponents as religious zealots and scary extremists makes things awkward for government politicians who share evangelical Christians' socially conservative views on moral issues.

EFC and Focus Decry Bill C-250
At a time when issues of sexual morality and marriage are at the forefront of public debate, this legislation leaves ambiguous what statements will be considered criminal.

No Man is An Island
We are meant to learn and grow with those God sends to share our work. It's impossible to do otherwise.

Worried Evangelicals (Compromises with Other Religions)
Some truth may be found in other religions, but Christianity makes the radical and necessary affirmation that Christ is Lord.

Pro-Gay Bill C-250 Will Now Become Law
Because the term 'sexual orientation' does not distinguish between the person and the sexual activity, expressing Christian views on homosexuality may now be deemed as promoting hatred.

Anglican Parishes Form New Orthodox Network
Having taken steps to resolve the ongoing crisis created by the blessing of homosexual couples, these churches now prepare for a battle over ownership of parish property.

It's Coming Down the Track and Around the Bend
According to this prophetic word, the Lord is turning up the heat to purify His people so that He can release healing in the earth in an unprecedented way.

Key Martin Aides Debate June Election
The federal Liberal party tests a campaign strategy intended to make religion a divisive election issue and to paint evangelical Christians as scary people.

Dalai Fever Hits Canada
Although respected for his focus on love, compassion and peace, many Christians express serious concerns about this Buddhist leader's spiritual activities while here in Canada.

Watching the Watchmen
With emphasis on prayer, reconciliation, the arts, intercession for politicians and prophetic ministry, this is seen by many Christian leaders as a movement to watch.

Federal Budget Rewrites Tax Rules for Churches and Charities
The complete overhaul of the tax rules governing organizations with charitable status and the introduction of a new arsenal of penalties to encourage compliance is in the offing.

Mississauga Church Cracks Fraudulent Message of Da Vinci Code
Read how a pastor used the destructive claims about Christianity made in this best-selling controversial novel to help people understand why they believe what they believe.

Pro-family Groups Still Hoping to Defeat Bill C-250
Because it would make it a criminal offence to oppose homosexual behaviour on religious grounds, this flawed and controversial legislation needs to be defeated.

Canadian Bible Society Loses National Director
Fifteen months into his mandate, the sudden resignation of Glen Pitts is likened to a no-fault divorce for reasons of "irreconcilable differences."

It's Time for Canada to Bless Israel
The clock is ticking. We can tell where God is on His timeline of eternal purpose by His dealings with Israel. It is time for the Church and for Canada to bless what He is doing.

'Nancy' Wins Refugee Battle
Supporting her during three years of hearings before Citizenship and Immigration Canada, her pastor provides insights into the purpose of offering church-based sanctuary.

Churches Should Establish Their Position On Same-sex Marriage—Pro or Con
To protect themselves and their facilities from legal challenges, churches need to take inventory of their constitutional documents and revise them accordingly.

Ministry Networks Strengthen Christian Workers
Prayer, fellowship, instruction, and encouragement are among benefits experienced from peer input and the wisdom of mentors in two ministerial associations in Winnipeg, MB.

Quebec Churches Respond to Haitian Crisis
The chaos in their homeland draws Haitian Christian leaders together in Montreal, QC to formulate a plan for a more concerted and organized humanitarian effort.

Hospital Chaplaincy Program Threatened
Appreciating the spiritual dimension of healthcare, residents of Kamloops, BC scramble to raise enough money to keep funding a full-time hospital chaplain.

All Hands to the Harvest
If a woman is called of God to full-time ministry, why stand in her way with teaching that forbids her freedom to minister when so much of the world needs to hear the Gospel message?

Orthodox Anglicans Present United Front
At a time when their national church is in deep crisis, biblically orthodox Anglicans from across the country come together in this interactive televised conference.

Anglican Parishes Are "Leaving" Canadian Church, Says Rector
In an effort to stop the hemorrhaging in churches denied pastoral oversight as a result of the same-sex controversy these parishes and clergy accept this 'emergency' offer.

Church Sanctuary Violated by Quebec Police
For the first time in Canadian history the practice of taking refuge in churches, a tradition which began in the 4th century, has been called into question.

Former Bible College Head Living His Dream
Canadian Harvey Plett talks about his teaching experiences sowing seeds and making a difference at the Steinreich Bible School in Mexico.

Primates' Offer 'Appalling' and 'Improper'
Disillusioned with the way their bishops have addressed the longstanding controversy over same-sex blessings, Canadian Anglicans are accepting alternative Episcopal oversight from other countries.

The Passion of The Christ—A Box-Office Report
This graphic and controversial film that everyone said was too risky is now on course to become one of the biggest box-office hits of all time.

Catch the Fire Burning Bright
It has been ten years since an incredible outpouring of the Holy Spirit, marked by unusual manifestations, launched this small Toronto church into the international spotlight.

Campus Crusade Gets New President
Canadian Leonard Buhler feels Christians in this country need to wake up and be a little bolder in their faith and in what the cross really means.

Identity Crisis
People long for security and belonging that can be deeply disturbed in times of change. Here are some principles to keep in mind when a church goes through change.

Good Church Health Equals Growth–Survey
Increasing numbers of Canadian churches are using this Natural Church Development tool to recognize and deal with obstacles blocking what God wants to do in them.

Talking to Americans
Canadians and Americans have different ways of leading, and struggle in the same areas.

Court Rejects Kempling's Appeal
When it comes to discussing homosexuality, statements of faith and fact opposing this choice of sexual behaviour are discriminatory according to this judge.

Bill C-250 Lives Again
Legislation adding sexual orientation to sections of the Criminal Code, making it a hate-crime to say publicly anything negative about homosexuality, is revived.

Church Wins Tax Dispute
Court rejects city's attempt to seek a narrow interpretation of what parts of church property should be exempt from paying municipal taxes.

Residential Schools Decision Encouraging
A recent B.C. Court of Appeal ruling in this ongoing legal battle encourages embroiled church officials because of its serious implications for future court cases.




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