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Leadership Archive - 2005


Revolutionize Your Congregation by Doing What You Enjoy
Scripture does not require a pastor to wear "eight hats." Churches whose pastors function only in the area of their gifting, experience many benefits.

Homosexuality, Same-Sex Marriage, and Jesus
What would Jesus do? With perfect balance between compassion and a call to repentance, Jesus neither condoned nor condemned. That's what the Church should do.

Discipline of Church Dissidents
Do churches have a right to discipline members for supporting same-sex marriage?

Winnipeg Church Shocked to Learn It Owes City Dues on Rented Facilities
Taxation of rented facilities is proving to be an increasing problem according to the executive director of the Canadian Council for Christian Charities.

"Easygoing" Church Turns 80
How can numbers be dropping in a denomination that appears to be in lockstep with the attitudes and ideals of Canadians?

The Unity that Brings Authority
It will take a representation of the whole body in the nation, functioning together in one accord to see our nation transformed. Unity will remove the veil from the eyes of unbelievers.

The Power and Purpose of Ecclesiastical Accountability
What is fellowship? Biblically fellowship is an interaction that requires serious commitment, submission and accountability. Enforcing these concepts is not popular in our individualistic culture.

Membership Covenant Draws Questions
A Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) church has learned that being "purpose driven" can drive members away.

Kingdom Leadership in the Postmodern Era
Today's church is in serious trouble. Our conception of leadership is changing. We need leadership cultures and we need meaning makers.

Why Churches Must Speak
There is a reluctance among churches to participate in public political debate, such as the one on marriage. However, our task is to bear witness to the truth.

UCC Moderator Worries about Losing Sight of Jesus
The United Church Moderator reports that church leaders have been "in great pain or disarray" and "seemed to be losing sight of Jesus as a sustaining force or image."

Study Predicts Critical Clergy Shortage
Declining church attendance, and retirement or vocational change among pastors are contributing factors to a rapid decline in clergy numbers in the Lutheran denomination.

The Essence of Spiritual Leadership
The responsibility of Christian leaders is to find out what God is doing and then to move people into His agenda. We're not to use human wisdom to do divine work!

Tax-free Tradition: Public Benefit or Special Subsidy?
Places of worship are exempt from paying property taxes-but should they be?

Who's Afraid of Evangelicals?
Fomenting fear and hatred toward an entire group of people is wrong. Yet some of us are doing it again.

Our Churches Need a Sense of Purpose
Churches are much like people: They need purpose. The United Church's move to unionization reflects a professional quandary concerning purpose.




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