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Leadership Archive - 2006


"All I Want for Christmas … "
If you could give the church one gift, or prod it in any one direction, what would that be? Ten Canadian Christian leaders respond.

When Christian Leaders Succumb to Sin
A Christian leader's moral failure has far-reaching and devastating consequences for the individual, the congregation, and the Body of Christ worldwide. What's to be done?

The Church Can Learn from Longhurst
The first line of the introduction to John Longhurst's book on effective media relations should be an invitation to every church communications director to pick up a copy immediately.

Significant Books and Websites for Churches
Don't reinvent the wheel! Here are some excellent resources for churches that want to play an effective role in missions.

Looking to the Old and the Young for Leadership Lessons
What makes a good leader? We do well to reach back into the past and learn from two of the greatest leaders in history.

Can We Break the Gender Gridlock?
Two ends of a spectrum: should females be excluded from certain church leadership roles or might they be called of God to pastoral leadership and authority.

An Urban Nation
Many churches find the city a hostile environment. Here are some of the challenges that face big city churches.

Are Churches Ready for the Next Pandemic?
Churches are uniquely poised to meet both spiritual and physical needs in the next pandemic.

Don't Ask the State to Protect the Faith
Suing Dan Brown over The Da Vinci Code is a mistake. Christians have weapons of spiritual warfare.

Technical Tidal Wave
Church websites with digital content can increasingly be communications tools that reach out to the un-churched.

So What's New?
Most churches believe they ought to do more evangelism, but outreach involves more than just increased activity. Here are pointers for improving the evangelistic health of a church.

Preparing Your Church for Evangelism
Effective evangelism is linked to proper preparation. We need to prepare our people to share their faith, and to prepare our church to be a force for evangelism in our community.

Hitting the Mark and Scratching Where it Hurts!
Transitions in church leadership can be difficult. Here are the inspiring and encouraging outcomes of leadership transitions in three church settings.

Six Questions for Leaders
A church is a living organism. To understand how God works in creating and sustaining life, we should look at nature. Here are six insights to consider in nurturing church life.

What is the Church?
Unless a group that calls itself a "church" is committed to certain practices, it is difficult to understand how it might be functioning as "church," in the New Testament sense of the word.

Fellowship Baptist Churches Announce New National Leader
The denomination's new "innovator" president comes from outside the denomination and the country.

Christians Could Lose Religious Freedoms in Canada
The shape and extent of religious freedom of expression is being determined in Canada right now.

Violence and the Hand of Indifference
Violence is the result of the sins of the Church. Toronto's black churches need "resolve and will" to lead the fight against youth violence.




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