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Church Ministries Archive - 2004


Charges Against Youth for Christ Worker Dropped
Contrary to the way we believe the law operates, this Youth for Christ worker was charged and presumed guilty until charges were dropped.

Pain and a Calling
The most personal moments of bereavement come immediately upon the departure of a loved one. How can one share them with a stranger?

Mennonites Turn Down Deal with Neighbouring Buddhists
To preserve their witness for Christ in their community, a Mennonite church would rather pass up the millions than sell their land to Buddhists expanding their temple.

Making the Church Glorious
Church - but not as usual. Dr. Pat Francis pastors one of the largest churches in Canada with outreach that touches politics, media, entertainment, education, and the justice system.

Sharing the Truth Makes Men Free
The Canadian Bible Society's 100 year celebrations are tinged with sadness at the end of their long tradition of giving Bibles to new Canadian citizens.

'Africa's Heartbeat' Strong After Two Decades
In two gala Vancouver events, the African Children's Choir, established by a Canadian ministry as a means of helping needy children from Africa, is celebrating 20 years of outreach.

Love Your Neighbour? Maybe Not
Churches that try to help their members through advice and counselling need to tread carefully lest they find themselves in breach of the law.

Sunday School Still Relevant
Sunday school plays a vital role in our society because children learn the truth of God's Word and it changes their lives.

Angel Booths Result in 1600 Conversions in Edmonton
An amazing story of how power of the Gospel unfolded because committed intercessors, desiring to share God's love, offered prayer to fair-goers.

New Organization Aims to Strengthen Canadian Church
A new ministry's mandate is to inspire revival among Canadian pastors and church leaders by taking them to "spiritual hot spots" around the globe.

A Taste of the Christian Faith
Faith, friendship and fun combine to shape young lives at Christian camps.

Quebec Church Offers "Come as You Are" Welcome
An "unorthodox approach to Christianity" makes this church a "box-office hit" among the unchurched who are disinterested in organized religion and traditional church.

Unconditional Release—From Hell!
A Satanist convicted on attempted murder, he is a high-risk ex-offender who has served his sentence and has been released back into a community. Thanks to his friends, he's making it.

Why the Church Needs to Connect with Chaplains
A church reaches out in ministry to newly-released high-risk ex-offenders being reintegrated into community life.

Judge Revokes Right to Distribute Bibles to Immigrants
Since Canada is a multicultural nation, the Bible has been banned from citizenship ceremonies because its presence could be construed as endorsement of a certain religion.

Let's Share What Works in Our Churches
Ministering to and with men is not one of our strong points. But it should be.

When the Holy Spirit Goes Camping
Spirit-led summer camps offer children and youth a place of refuge from our fast-paced society to nurture wholesome relationships in an environment of quiet, natural beauty.

Churches Failing to Respond to Spousal Abuse
Despite the high incidence of domestic violence within Christian families, churches are inadequately prepared to recognize, understand and respond appropriately to this issue.

Restorative Justice Resolves Conflicts in Alberta
By encouraging dialogue between the people involved, Calgary Community Conferencing is cutting crime and lowering incidents of violent conflict in area schools.

How Churches Can Show That Marriage Really Matters
At a time when marriage is being devalued, churches are using a variety of strategies to strengthen and restore this important godly institution in their communities.

The eXperience Factor
Bored young people in your youth group? Try pushing them in a lake.

Sex Seminar Extols Joys of Married Love
A weekend educational seminar on the role of sex in marriage is attracting the attention and support of Christians from right across Canada.

HighRock Addresses Teen Suicide
Since only car accidents claim more young lives, the Mennonite Central Committee developed a new resource designed to encourage youth to talk about this subject.

The Dynamics of Mentoring Men
Trapped in dysfunctional lifestyles of today's society, men have no opportunity to fulfill their destinies in God. Developing godly men should be one of the highest priorities of any church.

It's Church Jim … !
Young people by the droves walk away from church because traditional church settings don't meet their needs. It need not be so. Church can have many different faces.

Event Keeps Marriage on the Rock
With Jesus as the foundation upon which marriage is built, new initiative brings Canadian Christian organizations together to promote and celebrate healthy marital relationships.

Peer Support Reduces Risk from Sex Offenders
New initiative seeks to build bridges between prisons and faith groups, while working with the kinds of people society would like to keep in jail indefinitely.

No Room Downtown for 'Jesus is Lord'?
Despite local support, this historic mission in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside is being pushed out by government-funded group that intends to administer heroin to drug addicts.

It Can Be Great! Small Groups
Small groups need not be a bore! A leader can take steps to ensure that the small group experience is relational, inspirational and rewarding.

Anti-Semitic Rant Triggers B.C. Furore
In light of its alarming increase, evangelical Christians are admonished to become more active in systematically combating anti-Semitism across Canada in both word and deed.

Reflections on the Year of Our Lord 2003
Identifying current government policies as a form of extended cruelty, Christian Canadians are urged to call for just laws to deal with refugee claimants.

Never Again
As anti-Semitism in Canada surges upward at an alarming rate, Christians find creative ways to express their solidarity with Israel.

Healing Rooms: 'Digging a Well for God's Presence'
With faith in the genuine supernatural healing power of God, this ministry is reclaiming the gift of healing for a new generation.




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