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Church Ministries Archive - 2005


Youth Pastor Hits the Airwaves
Being "The Rev" on a local Christian radio station is one of the unique approaches that this youth pastor has cultivated to reach as many young people as possible.

Faith Today Celebrates 20 Years of Serving God in Canada
A history of the birth of the EFC and Faith Today, the EFC's magazine. The publication has served the Canadian Christian community faithfully for 20 years.

Peer Mentoring Program Spreads Across Canada
2,200 young people gathered on-line in mid-October for a high-tech leadership conference that focused on equipping students for in-school ministry.

Enjoying an Abundance of Soul Food
Here's to the dedicated, gentle ladies who serve satisfying, heart-warming soul food that feeds both body and spirit at every church ladies' event.

The ABCs of Adult Sunday School: Renewing Christian Education
Social changes have affected adult Sunday school attendance. Can it be revived? Here are some observations about churches where adult Sunday school classes thrive.

Pure Freedom Is Taking a Message of Sexual Wholeness to Youth
Just telling kids to wait until they are married won't cut it in this culture. A new program encourages sexual wholeness through a biblical understanding of God's design.

The Underground Church—in Toronto!
Home church—illegal? It's important for us to understand that the word "church" doesn't necessarily mean the same thing to us as it does to our neighbours.

Coming to Grips with Mental Illness
Churches are responding better to those suffering from various forms of mental distress, but largely churches still have a long way to go to meet people's needs.

Emotionally Free
Our success in work, family and ministry depends on our emotional health. It is God's desire to free us from emotional pain, clean us up and give us His new nature.

Holy Siege from Coast to Coast
Calling the youth of Canada to stand for righteousness! On-fire-for-God youth took the message across the country believing their voices would be heard.

Children's Forum Spurs Plans for National Discussion
Significant strides were made toward advancing the cause of children's ministries in Canada, following a two-day event held in Toronto last month.

Seeing with Their Father's Eyes
Spiritual perspective begins when a child crosses the line of faith and receives Christ. Then we can work in partnership with God's Spirit to help him or her grow.

Mission Conference as Launching Pad
Go ahead! Have a mission conference! It can be a launching pad to stimulate members of your congregation to great personal involvement in world mission.

A Call for Mentors
Children need other adults. Most parents are honoured and pleased to have you invest in the lives of their children.

Pursuing Freedom in the Body of Christ
Deliverance for those who struggle with homosexuality is possible. In the Church, in small group settings they can experience authentic hope, practical application, and tangible results.

New Focus President Wants to Build Good Families
The newly appointed president of Focus on the Family Canada wants God's leading and guidance in helping people build good families and good marriages.

Evangelistic, Goodwill Event Draws Mixed Reactions
An evangelistic outreach event for the poor headed up by the producers of 100 Huntley Street is meeting with some resistance.

Life in the Streets of Canada
The death of a homeless man in Toronto's streets prompted students and a chaplain to do more than just to provide blankets.

Faith Eases Triplet Troubles
Calgary church community helps immigrant parents deal with three little miracles.




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