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Church Ministries Archive - 2006


What Happens When Children Lead
A church service may not look like what we're used to seeing, but if God says, "Let the children lead," then let them lead. He is in control of the outcome.

New Direction to Build National Network
A ministry that offers Christian support to men and women choosing to leave homosexuality held an elegant fundraiser to kick-start their expansion across Canada.

Counseling Faces New Challenges
Christian psychologists agree there's good reason to hope for a complete recovery when Christ is included in the counseling process.

Ministering in Schools
If you really want to really relate to kids and know what they're going through, it helps to be a visible presence on their turf.

Silent No More
Many women suffer unbearable pain when they realize their abortions destroyed their children. But there is hope. God forgives and restores, just like He did with Denise.

The Great Divide Isn't So Wide
A new survey shows that churches and para-church organizations are beginning to work together to achieve their goals of reaching people for Christ.

Fair Weather Christians
With declining church attendance, summer camp may be the only place kids will hear about God. Proximity to nature can lead campers to soulful reflection and personal growth.

Shaping Lives
Since 1983 The Brampton Life Centre has been providing ongoing assistance and caring support to women, teens and fathers facing unplanned pregnancies.

Managing Anger
We have the ability to choose how we respond to our feelings. If we respond positively and constructively, the outcome will be good for ourselves or those around us.

The Neglected Heart: The Emotional Dangers of Premature Sexual Involvement
In discussions of teen sex, little is said about emotional hazards. But being aware of them can help a young person decide to avoid premature sexual involvement.

Alcoholics, Addicts Celebrate Recovery Found in Christ
A church is expecting their outreach to grow dramatically through a successful ministry that helps people recover from addictions.

Talk to Kids about Sex, Love, and Character
The damage to our children's health, heart, and character from premature sexual involvement may go deeper, and last longer, than the effects of any other mistakes they might make.

Above All Things, "We Must Rock"
Kids hang out with peers and love music. What does that mean to youth ministry? Here's a "God" idea that has revolutionized youth ministry in Niagara Falls.

Longing for Community
We long for a place where we are welcome and where we can find friends and healing. God's provision is the local church. We haven't reached that ideal, but the cause is not lost.

Restoring One Another
All around us are casualties of sin. Restoration involves carrying each others' burdens. If someone is caught in a sin, we who are spiritual should restore that person gently.

Is the Church Failing Divorced People?
Divorce is a major problem in the church. If the church wants to reach families for Christ, it must learn how to deal with divorced people. There are no easy answers.

Quiz Competitions Erase Denominational Barriers
Christ isn't divided. A coach teaches quizzers that it's okay to disagree, but not to stereotype people denominationally.




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