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Missions Featured in Faith Today

The following ministries were published in the November-December issue of Faith Today magazine. 

Saving a new nation - Cal Bombay Ministries 

South Sudan became the newest nation on earth on July 9, 2011. The nation may be new, but their crisis in food production increases because of the unapologetic meanness of North Sudan.

Cal Bombay Ministries has successfully established mass farming in South Sudan. The food is bought and distributed by a contract with the World Food Program, which ensures the continuity of the farms and brings them closer to self-sufficiency.

Help is also extended to small subsistence farms, enabling them to produce more food than the farm family can use. This provides extra income to break out of the poverty trap.

The great challenge now is to enlarge both the small farms and the mass-production farms to be able to feed the two million voiceless South Sudanese who still teeter on the edge of starvation.

Cal Bombay Ministries needs your assistance to finance the establishment of food security for a whole nation.

If not you, who will help these forgotten people? Visit

Breaking the cycle of poverty and disability - CBM  Canada

Some 500 million people are living with the double disadvantage of poverty and disability in our world.
Nearly half of these are children.

Poverty and disability are inextricably linked. For many children, the double burden of disability and poverty is a death sentence. In the poorest countries of the world, 80 percent of children born with a disability won’t survive to see their fifth birthday. 

CBM Canada’s Forgotten Child Sponsorship (FCS) program aims to break this life-threatening cycle by finding children who are forgotten and hidden because of their disabilities. We ensure that these children have access to medical care and education; their parents receive home-based employment opportunities to generate an income for the family.

Our goal is to empower men, women and children who have disabilities to be all that they can be.
Worldwide, cbm transforms the lives of more than 25 million people annually with hope and opportunity. At CBM, our vision is a world where all people are valued as Jesus values them. 

CBM Canada is a Christian international development organization with a clear focus on helping people struggling to survive the double disadvantage of poverty and disability. Visit

Offering an eternal solution - Compassion

To end something as massive as poverty, what’s it going to take? Education, food and medical care are important, but poverty needs an eternal solution – one that only Jesus can provide. That’s why Compassion partners with the local church in the developing world to bring practical care to children living in poverty.

Through the church, children receive practical care beginning in their most vulnerable years of life. Mothers learn the skills necessary to care for their babies. Children are engaged with various age-appropriate learning opportunities, and they learn valuable life skills such as cooking and sewing. Exceptional young adults are given an education that will help them bring an end to poverty in their nations. And most importantly, they get to hear the gospel from volunteers from their communities who invest in, encourage and disciple these children.

But those local volunteers are not the only ones investing in these kids. By sponsoring with Compassion, you can be a powerful influence in a child’s life. Your letters, prayers and financial support allow you to work with the church to give a child hope for a life free from poverty. And together you are equipping children to influence their homes, communities and nations for the cause of Christ.

Sponsor with Compassion:

Mobilizing the church for missions Different Type of Adventure - International Fellowship of Missions Conferences

Are you a student? A professional? A homemaker? Retired? Seeking your place in God’s harvest? Exploring opportunities where God can use your unique abilities and talents in His service?

We can help. We are the International Fellowship of Missions Conferences (IFMC). Our missions festivals are held across Canada (Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton and Fort St. John, B.C.) as family-oriented events designed to educate, motivate and mobilize the local church community toward Christian missions.

Sponsored by local churches, conferences feature exhibitors from mission organizations and offer outstanding speakers and seminar presenters who focus on specific areas of need around the world. You will be challenged not only to pray, give and send, but also to go!

God uses the conference as a life-changing event for many people.

Are you part of a mission organization, Bible college, seminary, university or camp? Missions festivals provide a great venue to promote your ministry. Come and partner with us as we reach out to individuals who are seeking to find their place in the harvest. It will be a valuable opportunity for you to connect with those whom God is prompting to pray, give, send and go!

For further details on any of the conferences, please visit

Rescuing unprotected children - Kids Alive International

The 21st  century needs people who will follow Jesus by saving lives, restoring dignity and creating hope for destitute and forgotten children in the developing world. Kids Alive International is people who believe the status quo is not acceptable, and they are doing something about it.

We rescue orphaned and unprotected children and place them in safe, family-style homes where they can thrive in an atmosphere of acceptance, holistic care and Christian love. In many places we also build schools and develop relevant community impact programs, including outreach centres, medical clinics, care centres and our “keeping families together” initiatives.

In Canada, Kids Alive is a gathering point for men, women and children who dream of long-term sustainable change in the life of another person as a practical, meaningful expression of the heart of the God and the good news of Jesus Christ. Completing the team overseas across four continents and 14 countries is a dynamic and committed group of missionaries and national staff carrying out the daily ministry of raising children to become empowered and enabled contributing adults. Lives are being restored. Communities are being changed.

What we are doing is working. For more information:, 1-800-839-KIDS(5437).

Feeding ministry growth - NCOL Ministries

Ministry is alive. And like most living organisms, it needs a healthy diet of food, water, light – and room to breathe. Ministry also needs organization in order to promote flexibility, creativity and focused vision.

It is no accident that kingdom work is described in terms of planting and movement. Ground must be prepared, the tools and structures put in place to support growth and change. Without structure, growth becomes sporadic, and the natural life with which the ministry began becomes choked in a forest of details.

NCOL Ministries is a non-profit society with a commitment to equip churches and other Christian non-profit organizations with a flexible framework of online management tools that promote strategic ministry growth. Mobilize your members with information management tools that are secure and accessible. Steward your time and resources with tools that grow as you do.

For more information regarding church information management, event registration, website management, custom solutions and even camp management tools, visit, or give us a call at 866-688-6265 ext 3.

A degree for servant leaders - Tyndale Seminary

Innovative and forward thinking, Tyndale Seminary has one of the largest selections of specializations in North America. Our students are prepared to engage with the challenges and issues of today. Students come from diverse ethnic, cultural and denominational backgrounds, spanning multiple generations and professions. Seminary graduates go on to work in various fields from ministry to business and the social sector.
Tyndale’s Doctor of Ministry (DMin) trains Christians to lead lives of faith and understanding in their chosen fields. The DMin is the highest professional degree for Christian leaders who are engaged in the church, NGOs, business ministries and missions. The program focuses on collaborative learning, leadership, ministry strategy, ministry implementation and relevant research on the practice of ministry. The culminating assignment of the program is an applied research project that each student can design personally, with a project coach, making it relevant to a chosen ministry/field. The program is designed so that students can complete the degree while remaining in full-time ministry or employment. Cohorts meet twice a year for three years.
Learn more at, or call 877-TYNDALE or 416-218-6757.

A new day - WorldServe

WorldServe is committed to advancing the gospel and impacting nations. Our mission is to partner with indigenous churches and provide resources that enable them to reach their country for Christ. We provide pastoral support, leadership training, famine relief, micro finance and Bible distribution primarily in Cuba, China, Vietnam and Ethiopia. We have established great partnerships in these countries and often look to them when seeking new serving opportunities. We are one of the few organizations that direct all donations toward ministry because our allocated administration and development costs are covered by other funding sources.

In an attempt to help the Canadian church affirm the authority of God’s Word in a relative age, we’re sponsoring a tour called “Truth Matters,” scheduled for April 14–25, 2012. We will be travelling across Canada with worship singers/songwriters Paul Baloche and Phil Wickham and Christian speaker Sean McDowell, who will be speaking about biblical truth in a relative world. Our hope is that many will come to hear how they can be a light here in Canada and impact the lives of those around the world. For more information, please contact us at 800-414-7788 or

Christmas at YSM - Yonge Street Mission

“You people at YSM do such good work. You truly are the hands and feet of Jesus!” This note, arriving with a Christmas donation last year, made seasoned program workers stop and reflect that yes, this is what we do every year. The sheer busyness of serving over 6,000 individuals can overwhelm. So these words, along with a gift of $31.10 underwriting 10 Christmas meals, were treasured by staffers.

Christmas at the Mission includes a vast range of people – from spunky neighbourhood children hearing the nativity story for the first time at the Saturday morning breakfast club to our lively seniors, busily sewing costumes for the Christmas pageant.

For many adults on their own, Christmas at the Mission is their main family celebration. Shy refugee mothers, enchanted to select toys for their children, may get the first sense of God’s welcoming love.

And for the damaged, homeless and hurting youth visiting our Evergreen Centre, a festive meal and small gift melts the toughest facade. “Everything I’ve achieved in my life is thanks to God and the staff at Evergreen,” said a former gang member and self-confessed criminal. That’s Christmas at YSM – touching so many hearts!






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