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Save ‘The Saviour’ - El Salvador
El Salvador means ‘The Saviour’ in English. In this troubled country in Central America, New Life Ministries seeks to protect and rescue some of the youth and children of the country — one at a time.

Cyclists Caught Red Handed
Using a child’s activity of cycling, fundraisers hope to help end children’s armies in fifty countries.

Big Event! So What?
A major evangelism congress brought the world to Cape Town, but for what?

The Request
What’s better than silver and gold? A young, malnourished African boy knew. His request changed his life.

Volunteers Help Make MCC Canning Project Successful
MCC's annual meat canning effort begins this month. The canning crew is scheduled to stop at 32 sites in two Canadian provinces and 13 U.S. states this year.

Club Penguin Worker Wins Trip to Kenya
Club Penguin, owned by Disney Online, named a Kelowna, B.C., resident, who has taken other mission trips, as volunteer of the year – and sent her on a Kenyan tour.

A Better Life
The Salvation Army is deeply committed to rescuing women and children who are forced into prostitution by poverty.

Fast for Change Asks People to Think About Food
The Canadian Foodgrains Bank program is advocating for food justice.

West African Tribes Experience The Treasure
People with little education can find it hard to understand the printed Bible. The solution? An audio version known as The Treasure which services several tribes.

Core Values at Iris – Simple, Controversial and Not Optional!
Some key elements at Iris Ministries and in Jesus’ ministry are controversial, although absolutely necessary. They should be normal in our Christian lives and ministries everywhere.

We Need to Destroy It
In restricted nations around the world, Bibles are burned, shredded or confiscated every day.

Dog-Earred Scriptures
To see worn-out copies of God’s Word among the people is the ambition of a dizzying, 22-language Bible translation effort in the Timor region.

Celling the Word
Translated Scriptures on hand phones are getting an enthusiastic response in Timor.

Russia, Ukraine Institute Biblical Curriculum in Schools
A Canadian ministry has a mandate from the Russian and Ukrainian governments to supply Bibles to all their elementary and secondary schools.

Life Transformation in 11 Months
Around the world in 11 months: a mission opportunity offers young people an chance to break away from comfortable Western life-styles to see the developing world.

A Promise of a Better Future
Education inspires these women in Niger to work together to improve their lives.

Developing Children's Creative Potential
Through music, acting and the visual arts, Father’s House, a ministry in the Ukraine, is developing the creative potential of disadvantaged children.

Doing Justice in a World that Needs It
Human trafficking is the world's third largest criminal industry, behind only the sale of drugs and weapons. And it is the fastest growing.

Colombia: Praying for Peace
Colombia, a land of staggering contrasts, is “one of the world’s most violent mission fields.”

A Story to Tell
During a short-term trip to South Asia, volunteer photojournalist Natasha Schmale began to view the suffering people around her in a whole new light.

Improving Nutrition in Nicaragua
A Presbyterian Church program is helping reduce malnutrition and provide income for communities in a poor region of Nicaragua.

A Heart of Forgiveness
The First Nations, Metis and Inuit leaders’ joined in a response to the Prime Minister’s request for forgiveness concerning past injustices as a result of the residential schools.

Botswana: A Land of Opportunity
Not like other African countries, Botswana is viewed by its neighbours as a land of plenty and economic opportunity.

Tanzania: Stable, Poor, Beautiful
Like most African countries Tanzania is full of seeming contradictions: hope and despair, weakness and strength, dark and light that make Africa so delightfully – African.

Operation Eyesight Universal Helps Africans to See the Light
A Calgary Baptist church group rallied around the cause and raised so much money that the program Operation Eyesight was established.

Touch the World Through E-mail
Being a missionary is now as easy as answering e-mail. Truthmedia brings the mission field to anyone who wants to share Christ via e-mail with seekers throughout the world.

Canadians Donate $8.4 Million to MCC's Haiti Response
MCC’s multi-year response will include economic development, food programs, housing projects, education and health services and trauma healing.

Gord Pauls Has "Iron" Ambitions
Never one to shy away from a challenge, Boston Marathon competitor Gord Pauls is training to raise money for Haiti.

Youth Given Chance to Create Own Micro-Enterprise
Teams of Canadian students are learning what it’s like to turn a small amount of cash into something larger.

Tents for Haiti
Salvation Army Thrift Stores are raising funds for 1,000 United Nations approved tents for earthquake survivors.

Sew on Fire - Bags of Love from Burlington
No less than 150,000 gift bags have gone with mission teams all over the world since Wendy Hagar launched the Sew on Fire compassion ministry ten years ago.

Earthquake! The First 48 Hours
 “If anyone had told us what we would be doing the week after the earthquake, we would have said it’s impossible.” An Ontario couple share their experience.

Compassion More Widespread than Violence in Haiti
To see Haitians working together to help neighbors and strangers is far more prevalent than the incidents of violence that are being reported on the national media.

Want to Help Haiti? Send Cash
But do your research before you give.

Morale Booster
Not all warriors serve on the front lines. From her modest Newfoundland apartment, Gladys Osmond does her small part for the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces.

"Portable Missionaries" Get God's Message Out
Allan McGuirl, who launched Galcom International, will continue as director emeritus. His small radio in 20 years has carried the Gospel to 126 countries.




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